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EVENT Mar 19
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Letting Go & Flying High: Pedagogical Remixes and Revisions for the Future of Literary Blackness (ACLA 2020)

As both a black woman and a modern literary celebrity, Toni Morrison reshaped the ways that this country conceived of what Literature could be aesthetically and achieve politically. Her recent passing grants us the opportunity to not only reflect on the immense legacy of her fiction, but also her critical and theoretical work through which she addressed both the presence and erasure of the African Diaspora throughout the American literary tradition. Echoing Morrison’s claim that the &ld

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EVENT Nov 08
Abstract days left 13

Beyond identity: New venues for interdisciplinary research on identity

Call for papers


Workshop: Beyond identity? New Avenues for Interdisciplinary Research on Identity


Wroc?aw, 8-9 November 2019

Organisers: Academia Europaea Wroc?aw Knowledge Hub and the Willy Brandt Center for German and European Studies, Wroclaw University.


Identity has been a contested concept in social sciences and humanities. On the one hand, there are some doubts whether the concept has much analytical value, giv

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EVENT Jun 15
Abstract days left 156

Liberty, Legacy, Leadership

Liberty, Legacy, Leadership ( https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/iache2020 ) is an outstanding opportunity for higher-education chaplains to develop and re-energise their practice and professionalise their delivery. Hosted in a safe and inclusive environment, the 2020 conference will foster collaboration, best-practice sharing and high-quality networking among colleagues from across the globe.

Proposals from any participant are very welcome. Liberty, Legacy, Leadership is ta

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EVENT Jun 13
Abstract days left 69

Designing and Developing Human-Centered Learning Technologies

This project explores how learning technologies (defined broadly, but optimally focused around software programs and applications) are conceptualized, designed, developed, drafted, tested, and deployed to people (“a user base)…and the consideration of human needs throughout the processes. 

Teaching and learning are human-focused endeavors, with people at the center. In online learning, the interactions, content sharing, collaborations, intercommunications, pre

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EVENT Nov 30
Abstract days left 24

Call for Speakers - WordCamp Lahore Pakistan

Finally, WordCamp is ready to land in Lahore. Its a big opportunity for the developers, marketers, business developers & bloggers to speak at WordCamp Lahore.

What topic should I apply with?
We accept and encourage ALL topics related to WordPress and Web Design/Development. The charm of WC Lahore is that we welcome a diverse lineup of talented speakers to provide value to our broad audience.

We’re hoping to receive a variety of front-end talks, so please apply i

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EVENT Nov 01
Abstract days left 41

CALL FOR PAPERS inForma #13 'Urban Disruptors'

CALL FOR PAPERS informa #13

'Urban Disruptors'

inForma is the peer-reviewed journal of the University of Puerto Rico School of Architecture. Initially conceived as a professional architecture magazine from 2001-2015, since its 11th issue it has been reformatted as an academic publication. The journal publishes commissioned and peer-reviewed articles about architecture, urbanism, and spatial theory. 

The upcoming issue of inForma, ‘Urban Disru

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EVENT Jan 31
Abstract days left 23

Exploring Urban Spaces in Cinema

Urbanisation and urbanity have brought with them new cultures, artistic avenues and opportunities. The cultural perceptions of a city, its conception, its morality and its decline have become an arena for discussions of modernity, technology, crime, theology, nostalgia and much more.

Cities have been explored in cinema in a myriad manifestations: as a character, as a fetish, as a historical document, as a cultural monument of religiosity, as a symbol of liberalism, sexuality and decay

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EVENT Mar 05
Abstract days left 9

Barbarians Within: Constructing the Barbaric Other in Speculative Fiction

For the past two years, NeMLA’s keynote speakers have evoked the image of barbarians at the gates, and they are not alone in their use of this powerful image. Barbarians evoke a particular kind of wildness and danger that continues to resonate in popular culture, from the Dothraki and Wildlings in Game of Thrones, to the raiders in Parable of the Sower. In response to NeMLA 2020’s theme, “Shaping and Sharing Identities: Spaces, Places, Languages a

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EVENT Mar 05
Abstract days left 9

NeMLA 2020 Panel: Intercultural Pragmatics: Where Language and Culture Meet

 Panel 18308

Intercultural Pragmatics: Where Language and Culture Meet

In order for L2 learners to become more effective speakers in target language interactions, it is essential that we develop in them a keen awareness and understanding of the pragmatic differences that exist across languages, as well as human values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors. Pragmatic ability, both in native speakers as well as in non-native speakers, can be de

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EVENT May 26
Abstract days left 71

IFIP SEC 2020 conference

35th IFIP TC-11 SEC 2020 International Information Security and Privacy Conference
May 26 - 28, 2020
Hotel City, Maribor, Slovenia

The IFIP SEC conference is the flagship event of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) Technical Committee 11 on Security and Privacy Protection in Information Processing Systems (TC-11, www.ifiptc11.org). We seek submissions from academia, industry, and government present

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EVENT Jan 27
Abstract days left 128

NextGen SCADA 2020

Join leading specialists to critically review the opportunities and challenges presented by Next-Gen SCADA systems, including system integration, modular architectures, advanced EMS and DMS and new functionalities. The case study led conference programme also includes technology-innovation panels, a series of end-user driven round table discussions, a live demo lab of the latest vendor tools, an exhibition area displaying state of the art SCADA solutions and an evening networking reception op

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EVENT Jun 04
Abstract days left 41

Postcolonial Literary Panel, SAES (French Society for English Studies) Conference, Tours (France), 4-6th June 2020

Postcolonial Literary Panel, SAES (French Society for English Studies) Conference, Tours (France), 4-6th June 2020

Call for papers


“Renaissance(s) / Rebirth(s), the theme chosen for the 2020 SAES conference, is particularly relevant in the context of postcolonial literatures in English. Often called “new literatures in the early years of their emergence, postcolonial works were — and are — frequently characterised by their a

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EVENT May 03
Abstract days left 86

2nd International Hellenic Conference on Political Sciences: Communicating in Politics? (HEPO2020), 3-7 May 2020, in Athens, Greece

2nd International Hellenic Conference on Political Sciences: Communicating in Politics? (HEPO2020),
3-7 May 2020, in Athens, Greece


You are invited to submit your proposal (abstract/ poster/workshop/ round table) to be considered for presentation at the HEPO2020 that will take place 3-7 May 2020, in Athens, Greece, organized by the Communication Institute of Greece.

After the organization of seven (7) success

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EVENT May 27
Abstract days left 9

Weimar 20/20

Weimar in 20/20

King’s University College at Western University invites abstract submissions for an interdisciplinary symposium aimed at researchers engaged in the political, cultural, and social legacies of the Weimar Republic.

“Weimar in 20/20 tackles the insistent presence — in politics, culture, and social identities — of the Weimar Republic, whose foundational revolutionary impulses reach us today filtered through an intervening century of m

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EVENT Mar 05
Abstract days left 9

Imaginer et Produire dans « toutes les langues françaises » : résistances et identités

Vécue par certains comme une contrainte, la francophonie est appréhendée par d’autres comme un lieu de jubilation, où la maîtrise du français permet au sujet francophone de se déprendre de ses angoisses existentielles. Si l’écrivain Léon Laleau a éprouvé de la « souffrance » à « apprivoiser, avec des mots de France, ce cœur » qui lui est « venu du Sén&eacut

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EVENT Jan 15
Abstract days left 101

Visions and Words for Children of the African Diaspora

This special issue of Obsidian: Literature & Arts in the African Diaspora is dedicated to creative artistry for children of the African Diaspora. We invite original textual and multimedia submissions devoted to interdisciplinary and creative approaches in African Diaspora Children’s and YA Literature. Submissions must focus upon literature, visual, and audio artistry created by people of the African Diaspora. Submissions may include scholarly papers, audio and/or visual presentation

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EVENT Mar 05
Abstract days left 9

CFP “German-language Comics and Graphic Novels by Minority Authors” (NeMLA 2020)

German-language Comics and Graphic Novels by Minority Authors

Graphic narratives including comics and graphic novels continue to garner attention by researchers and instructors across the modern languages. German Studies is no exception as the last decade has seen comics studies contributions about themes as widespread as history, manga, journalism, and foreign-language pedagogy. Lately, graphic narratives about the experience of migrants have been particularly pertin

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EVENT Feb 19
Abstract days left 40

Call for Papers: Myth and Fairy Tales

Call for Papers

Myth and Fairy Tales

Southwest Popular / American Culture Association (SWPACA)


41st Annual Conference, February 19-22, 2020

Hyatt Regency Hotel & Conference Center

Albuquerque, New Mexico


Proposal submission deadline: October 31, 2019


Proposals for papers and panels are now being accepted for the 41st annual SWPACA conference.  One of the nation&rs

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EVENT Nov 15
Abstract days left 29

Security and sovereignty in the 21st century

Conference topics

Current affairs of security and defence policy and various sovereignty-related issues. The roles of state and non-state actors in cooperation and conflict; concerns of territorial, political and economic integrity of states and regions; safety and well being of people. Current issues of security threats, neighbourhood policies, violence and terrorism.

Special focus of the conference in 2019: 

Current disputes in

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EVENT Mar 05
Abstract days left 9

Global Humanities: Expanding the Canon and the Curriculum

This session focuses on positioning the humanities curricula within the growing "global turn" in higher education. In addition to administrative and programmatic perspectives, we welcome fresh insights on expanding the canon and global humanities pedagogies. Recommended areas of specialization include but are not limited to cultural studies, comparative studies, philosophy, translation studies, world literatures, (applied) linguistics, and pedagogy.

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EVENT May 07
Abstract days left 79

Un-Faced: Facial Disfigurement in American Literature, Film, and Television

The face is a person’s foremost marker of identity. It harbors four of our five senses, and it is a crucial tool of communication. What goes on in the brain is performed on the stage that is the face, which can be read to a certain extent. It reveals but also conceals.

When the face is disfigured, all of its major capacities are affected. Moreover, because it is visible (in most cultures) and deviates from the norm, it often evokes shock, disgust, shunning, and ridicule in peopl

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EVENT Feb 15
Abstract days left 50

Literature and Event: Reformulations of the Literary in the 21st Century

Literature and Event: Reformulations of the Literary in the 21st Century

One-day Interdisciplinary Conference

Humanities Research Centre, University of Warwick

Saturday 15th February 2020


Keynote: Prof. Derek Attridge (York); Prof. Esther Leslie (Birkbeck) 


What is an event? From a theoretical perspective, events are irregular occurrences, moments of great change or interruptions that c

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EVENT May 06
Abstract days left 53

Call for Chapters: Human Resources Management Strategies for Agile Transformation

As the fight for talent is projected to reach unprecedented levels, the increasing importance of human resource management to take the right choices are essential for shaping a firm's competitive advantage. The valuable contributions of innovative and talented employees to the results of a company are more important than ever. However, because of demographic change, the market for professionals developed itself from a buyer to a seller market. This means, that the majority of well-educated ap

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EVENT Mar 05
Abstract days left 9

“Trans Identities in the French media” NeMLA 2020 - Call for abstracts

“Transsexualité, transidentité: un tabou français? (“Transsexuality, transidentity: a French taboo?[1]). Such was the title chosen by the online French news magazine France Info to illustrate an article published in 2015 that discussed the lack of visibility transsexuals and transgender people still suffer from in French society. Indeed, while there has been an increasing visibility of transsexual and transgender individuals on film and TV in rec

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EVENT May 07
Abstract days left 4

The Ludic Outlaw: Medievalism, Games, Sport, and Play

Roundtable sponsored by the International Association for Robin Hood Studies
International Congress on Medieval Studies (ICMS), Kalamazoo 2020

Cross-platform video games are now so popular as to constitute a financial threat to Netflix and other digital content services. One feature of many of these games is the ludic outlaw figure—found, for example, in the 2016 multiplayer Overwatch—that works to resist oppression within the game world. Because they signify popular

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