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EVENT Jun 22
Abstract days left 24

Designing Urban Universities

Designing Urban Universities


Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin

Thursday 22 to Saturday 24 June 2023


There is a growing dissonance between the urban university as often perceived—its physical, architectural, and emblematic form, its legacy structures and spaces, its time-honoured functions and traditions—and the university as a knowledge factory within the city, subject to political, commercial, and environmental

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EVENT Mar 17
Abstract days left 45

Edited Collection:

“Students in the Archives: Archival Pedagogy in Practice Edited Collection CFP

Heather Fox & Amanda Stuckey

In early 2020, we developed a pedagogy-driven digital humanities site to feature pedagogical
approaches to archival research and teaching. Prompted by Barbara Biesecker’s premise that
“whatever else the archive may be, it always already is . . . our collective invention of us and of
it (2015, 156), this site was de

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EVENT Jun 08
Abstract days left 89

FMOS 2023 online conference

FMOS 2023

At the crossroad of Finance, Marketing and Operations for Sustainable Business

FMOS Conference is the first of a series of online events to gather researchers, especially the forthcoming generation of scholars, and disseminate their works on sustainability at the crossroads of finance, marketing and operations. A fantastic occasion to meet and share ideas for a more sustainable business.

The event consists of two parts: A wor

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EVENT May 31
Abstract days left 120

"International Studies: Interdisciplinary Political and Cultural Journal"

International Studies: Interdisciplinary Political and Cultural Journal — Call for Papers

Authors are invited to submit articles for publication in “International Studies: Interdisciplinary Political and Cultural Journal 2023. Manuscripts should be submitted through Open Journal Systems: https://czasopisma.uni.lodz.pl/international/about/submissions or by e-mail at internationalstudies@uni.lodz.pl by May 31, 2023.

“International Studies is an in

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EVENT Aug 31
Abstract days left 58

Radical Vitality/Axé - Apocalyptica Special Issue

Proposals will be accepted in Spanish, Portuguese, and English

Se aceptarán propuestas en castellano, portugués e inglés (véase más abajo)

Serão aceitas propostas em espanhol, português e inglês (ver em baixo)

Call for papers: Special issue of Apocalyptica
in collaboration with the Caribbean Institute for Decolonial Thought and Research (INCAPID/GLEFAS)

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EVENT Jul 15
Abstract days left 165

Mimesis as conditio humana

Mimesis as conditio humana

Edited by Salvatore Tedesco e Valeria Maggiore

The concept of Mimesis originates in the Greek context in the 5th century BC. and since then, it has been at the heart of Western aesthetic reflection. Indeed, the classical paradigm of mimesis has its roots in the platonic dialogues Republic and Sophist and finds its best-known formulation in the Aristotelian affirmation according to which “art imitates natu

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EVENT Feb 16
Abstract days left 6

Digital Humanities:A guide to Social Network Analysis

Six Degrees of… A guide to Social Network Analysis

Digital Humanities
International Workshop

Dates: 16,23 February & 2 March 2023
Time: 17.00 (5 p.m.)
Amsterdam time (CET) 
Find your timezone here

*Max. Number of Participants: 30*
Course Facilitator:  Rada Varga, Ph.D 

The Idea
GIRES, the Global Institute for Research, Education and Scholarship and the Oral History & Digital H

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EVENT Apr 28
Abstract days left 1

CFP - Transatlantic Studies - Topographies of Medicine



April 28th — 29th 2023

Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard (Cambridge, MA)

Medical humanities flourished as an interdisciplinary field of its own in the last decades, exploring human health and disease through the methods and materials of literary and cultural studies. In the words of Edmund Pellegrino, one of the founding figures of modern medical ethics, “medicine is th

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EVENT Sep 01
Abstract days left 95

Decolonial Visualities: Indigenizing Visual Culture Studies


Archivo Papers Journal, Volume 3, Issue 2, 2023


Decolonial Visualities: Indigenizing Visual Culture Studies

Edited by: Nasheli Jiménez del Val


The editors of Archivo Papers Journal are pleased to announce the Call for Papers for Volume 3, Issue 2: “Decolonial Visualities: Indigenizing Visual Culture Studies. This issue aims to contribute to ongoing d

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EVENT Apr 14
Abstract days left 28

The Immigration and Refugee Crisis

Call For Papers

The Immigration and Refugee Crisis

University of St. Thomas Journal of Law and Public Policy

April 14, 2023 (Zoom-only, Virtual Symposium)


    The twin crises of mass immigration and refugees present the world with the prospect of human catastrophe of enormous dimensions. Millions of persons around the world are on the move. They may be driven from their homes in the Middle East or in Eastern Europe by war; or forced fro

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EVENT Apr 29
Abstract days left 15

"Somewhere in Between: Borders and Borderlands" International Conference

In an ever changing world the problems of setting boundaries as well as the need to create meanings and establish understanding of diverse phenomena have always been of the utmost importance for humanity. Borders, boundaries, frontiers, and borderlands, naturally formed or man made, are grounded in various ethical traditions, and have always been associated with limits and restrictions. The ongoing process of globalisation is changing the role and stereotypes of borders, so that they are ofte

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EVENT Jun 17
Abstract days left 33

"The Place of Memory and the Memory of Place" International Conference

Memory is a major theme in contemporary life, a key to personal, social and cultural identity. Scholars have studied the concept from different perspectives and within different disciplines: philosophy, sociology, anthropology, geography, architecture, urban design, and the interdisciplinary "place studies".

According to Pierre Nora, places of memory or lieux de mémoire refer to those places where "memory crystallizes and secretes itself"; the places where the exhausted capital

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EVENT Jul 08
Abstract days left 29

“From Stabat Mater to Mater Movens: Analysing Discourses on Motherhood” International Conference

This conference aims at exploring motherhood and its diverse cultural representations, while interrogating the ways in which such representations impact on individual and collective experiences of motherhood. Thus, we attempt at examining motherhood both as a personal experience and as an institution, as well as observing the nuances involved in the interaction between both.

The conference seeks to encourage dialogue around cultural concepts of motherhood by observing the cultural rol

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EVENT Mar 31
Abstract days left 59

Rethinking Gender in Popular Culture

The field of popular culture studies is wide open and has drawn a lot of academic attention for several years now. Popular culture and gender interconnect in a myriad of ways, and their interplay can lead to outcomes which can be disabling and/or enabling. Popular culture, as an important social tool, with mediums such as images, films, TV serials, advertisements, music, literature, comic books, animations, video games, popular news, social media etc., plays a highly critical role in construc

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EVENT Mar 15
Abstract days left 43

Call for Papers for SI: Representations of Islam in Germanophone Literature: Cultural Perspectives from the Enlightenment to the Present

Dear Colleagues,

This Special Issue invites contributions with a focus on intercultural relationships by using the example of religion, an indispensable element in discourses of culture. As such an element, religion bears and constitutes meanings. According to Brent Nongbri’s Before Religion: A History of a Modern Concept (2013), we do not have any scientifically proven knowledge and scholarly consensus regarding the question as to what precisely constitutes a religion. Therefor

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EVENT Jun 30
Abstract days left 58


Critical Stages/Scènes critiques is available online to the reader without financial, legal or technical barriers. Ιt is a a biannual (June/December) peer-reviewed journal fully committed to the Open Access Initiative. It offers a platform for debate and exploration of a wide range of theatre and performance art manifestations from all over the world.

Critical Stages/Scènes critiques is indexed by SCOPUS, DOAJ, MIAR, ERIH

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EVENT Feb 02
Abstract days left 0

Managing Scope

Join us in our free webinar this February 2, 2023, at 8 AM EST and learn from one of the best Agile Coaches, Mr. Ola Tunde Adekunle. Stop confusing yourself, be aware of the obvious impediments, and enable yourself to deliver on time, expand your business, and win your client’s heart.

Join and register now at https://bit.ly/PMCLLCWebinar. We are excited to see you!

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EVENT Jul 14
Abstract days left 20

CfP: “Law in Late Antiquity: Imperial Ideologies, Communication, Religion”

Organisers: Carla Setién (University of Bamberg) and Álex Corona (University of Valladolid)

One of the main themes of the ever-growing interest in Late Antiquity (broadly c. 250-700 CE) lies in the imperial legislation and political thought. The vast compilations of the legal texts, materialized in juristic corpora like the Codex Theodosianus or Justinian’s Corpus Iuris Civilis, offer an ample, though frequently bewildering, portraiture o

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EVENT Apr 28
Abstract days left 28

Motherhood to motherhoods: Ideologies of ‘The Feminine.’

Motherhood to motherhoods: Ideologies of ‘The Feminine’ is a free, intergenerational conference to be held at Chapman University in Orange, California on April 28-30, 2023. The conference will explore the construct of motherhood as it evolves beyond a function of biology to a way of being in the world, mothering open to all genders and ages. The conference provides a space for community interactions considering how motherhoods are represented in art, literature, f

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EVENT Mar 26
Abstract days left 25

Call for Chapters: Handbook of Research on Advancements of Contactless Technology and Service Innovation in Library and Information Science

Researchers, scholars, and practitioners are invited to submit proposal or abstract on or before February 25, 2023, a chapter proposal of 1,000 to 2,000 words clearly explaining the mission and concerns of his or her proposed chapter.@ https://www.igi- global.com/publish/call-for- papers/call-details/6174

Full Chapters link extended to March 26, 2023
https://www.igi-global.com/ submission/submit-chapter/? projectid=cb13406e-0f94-49a7- b681-b1d59eb1b498

Topics c

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EVENT May 03
Abstract days left 28

International Colloquium “Infin che un giornosenso non avrà più dire: domani”. Configurations of war and resistance in philosophy, literature and other arts – Call for papers – Submissions until February 28th, 2023

Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa: 3rd and 4th of May; on-line: 5th of May 2023

In a first war poem, Patroclus scolds: “for the sum of war lies in strength of hands, the sum of words in council; therefore there is no need to pile up words, but to do battle. In the same way, his companion Hector exhorts: “either to perish or survive; for this is the communion of war. On the other hand, a not so faithful

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EVENT Feb 01
Abstract days left Now

REMINDER: Call For Papers - CALL FOR PAPERS - The Political Theology and the State of Exception: Critical readings on the centenary of Political Theology & Roman Catholicism and Political Form by Carl Schmitt (second call)


The Political Theology and the State of Exception: 

Critical readings on the centenary of Political Theology

 & Roman Catholicism and Political Form

by Carl Schmitt 


(second call)





“Open Theology (https://www.degruyter.com/opth) invites submissions for the topical issue "The Political Theology and

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EVENT Dec 31
Abstract days left 20

The Influence of Ubuntu in Sustainable Development


In 2015, the United Nations approved the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which came to give continuity to the process of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The SDGs cover all possible social, economic and natural aspects, both in a global and local space. It is a complex process of political and economic discussion, with different views, which must be addressed from all areas of society (UN, 2022).

To attain SDGs, it requires collec

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EVENT Dec 08
Abstract days left 0

Call for Workshop Proposals: The 12th International Joint Conference on Knowledge Graphs (IJCKG 2023)

**Call for Workshop Proposals: IJCKG 2023**
IJCKG2023: The 12th International Joint Conference on Knowledge Graphs
Dec. 8-9, 2023, Miraikan, Tokyo, Japan.
( Proposal submission due: 23:59 (Hawaii Time) Jan 27th, 2023 )

The 12th International Joint Conference on Knowledge Graphs (IJCKG 2023) is a premium academic forum

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EVENT Mar 08
Abstract days left 14

Queer Political Assemblages 3.0

Queer lives have changed unprecedentedly since the time social media became a rage. While older queers look back nostalgically at the pre-Internet years, when finding even one other queer person was a challenge, others regret being born earlier. It is indeed a strange dilemma which cannot be resolved. While there is no scale to weigh the pros or cons of the pre-Internet or post-Internet queer lives, at least, there is a consensus that building a community and connecting virtually is lot easie

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