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EVENT Jul 03
Abstract days left 37

Convegno Dottorale

La XIII edizione del Convegno Interdisciplinare dei Dottorandi e delle Dottorande e delle Dottoresse e dei Dottori di Ricerca invita alla riflessione attorno a due concetti di impatto nell’attuale panorama culturale e sociale: prossimità e distanza. A un primo livello di analisi, questi due termini si riferiscono alla vicinanza o alla lontananza tra corpi, soggetti, culture, società e forme del pensiero. Entrambi esistono in stretta correlazione l’uno

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EVENT Jun 01
Abstract days left 69

Call For Papers

                                             InVisible Culture — A Journal for Visual Culture 

                                                                     Call For P

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EVENT Jun 06
Abstract days left 24

THE UNEXPECTED: UCL English Graduate Conference 2023

The UCL English Graduate Conference will take place in person at UCL on Tuesday, June 6, 2023. This year’s conference theme is ‘The Unexpected’. Abstracts of 250 words should be e-mailed to theunexpected.conference@gmail.com by April 17, 2023, along with a short biography.

“There is a future which is predictable, programmed, scheduled, foreseeable. But there is a future…which refers to someone whose arrival is totally unex

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EVENT Oct 09
Abstract days left 39

CFP: IEEE DSAA'2023 invites your paper submissions

Dear Colleagues,


IEEE DSAA'2023 sincerely invite your paper submissions.

2023 IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics (DSAA’2023), 09-13 October 2023, Thessaloniki, Greece
* conference website: https://conferences.sigappfr.org/dsaa2023/
* Submission site: https://easychair.org/my/conference?conf=dsaa2023

Highlights of DSAA’2023
* DSAA is ranked A in Australian CORE Ranking, C in CC

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EVENT Nov 23
Abstract days left 52

XV International Symposium «The Musical Creation in the Soundtrack»

The disciplinary development of studies on music and audiovisual languages has had a regular academic meeting point at the International Symposium “The musical creation in the soundtrack, which reaches its XV edition in 2023.

In recent years, a line of research has been consolidated from the perspective of Ethnomusicology, popular music and oral tradition, with verifiable results through audiovisual productions of documentary and anthropological value. On

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EVENT Jun 12
Abstract days left 24

Encounters: memory, community, futurity 2023 Glasgow UK

A transdisciplinary PG-led research conference at Glasgow University, 12-13th June 2023

?An encounter is perhaps the same thing as a becoming [...] You encounter people [...] movements, ideas, events, entities [...] It designates an effect, a zigzag, something which passes or happens between two as though under a potential difference [...] a single becoming which is not common to the two [...] but which is between the two, which has its own direction, a bloc of

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EVENT Oct 06
Abstract days left 37

2023 MPCA Indigenous Studies Area CFP

The Indigenous Studies area of the Midwest Popular Culture Association/Midwest American Culture Association is now accepting proposals for its 2023 conference in Chicago. We welcome proposals related to new media projects that feature Indigenous identity, questions of representation in the media, and works by Indigenous creators. Suggested topics for paper or panel proposals include, but are not limited to: 

  • Filmwork and art by Indigenous creators, such as Sky Hopinka&rsqu

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EVENT Sep 14
Abstract days left 37

Secure Our Streets 2023 (https://sos.asrg.io/)

Secure Our Streets (SOS) is a conference aiming to provide a global platform for information exchange among industry experts and researchers in the domain of automotive security and privacy technology. The goal of the conference is to enable the community of automotive OEMs, providers, academic researchers, policymakers, and government regulators to showcase the recent advances and challenges in areas of automotive security and privacy technologies, organizational strategy and cybersecurity p

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EVENT Sep 21
Abstract days left 37

New Queer South: Perspectives on Italian Society and Culture

New Queer South: Perspectives on Italian Society and Culture

Conference organized by Alice Parrinello (Oxford)


21-22 September 2023

University of Oxford


Keynote Speaker: Dr Charlotte Ross (Birmingham)


Since the Italian Unification, the depiction of Italy’s Southern regions has been marked by a widespread rhetoric of backwardness, which was famously summarised by Antonio Gramsci as “sud palla di pi

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EVENT Nov 27
Abstract days left 98

Frontiers and Wastelands: Redefining the Nation in US Popular Culture

International conference

November 27-28, 2023

Alcalá de Henares, Madrid ES


The conference will focus on how the American imagination has shaped—and, in turn, has been shaped by—its frontiers and borderlands, marked by an intrinsic peripheral quality, sociocultural porosity, and a diverse range of experiences and identities. As Lee Bebout (2016) has highlighted discussing the US—M

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EVENT Oct 19
Abstract days left 35

CEEGS 2023: Meaning and Making of Games

In the roughly 50-year history of video games (and thousands of years of analogue games) both artistic and scholarly explorations of ludic phenomena have generated productive outcomes. While the practical side of game design gave the medium its life and offered many adventures for players to partake in, game studies have analysed these worlds, narratives, and games, as well as their social context to create a theoretical and cultural discourse surrounding the medium. How games produce meaning

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EVENT Jun 08
Abstract days left 22

Esotericism, Occultism, and Magic at Southwest Popular/American Culture Association Summer Salon, June 8-9, 2023

Call for Papers


Southwest Popular / American Culture Association (SWPACA)

SWPACA Summer Salon

June 8 & 9, 2023

Virtual Conference


Submissions open on March 18, 2023

Proposal submission deadline: April 15, 2023

Proposals for papers are now being accepted for the SWPACA Summer Salon. SWPACA offers nearly 70 subject areas in a variety of categ

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EVENT Jun 14
Abstract days left 51

Civil Rights Trail - A History

The association welcomes participation from all sectors of the community. This Oral History program will provide all participants an opportunity to visit some of the most noted civil rights facilities and attractions in Montgomery and the region. Each stop along the trail will be directed by a representative ,who will share the historical nature of the site. Among the sites scheduled for a visit include: the State of Alabama Capital,first capital of the Confederacy,Dexter Avenue Church where

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EVENT Jul 15
Abstract days left 51

South Africa International Conference

The association welcomes professionals and advanced students to submit a  research abstract. Papers from all disciplines and fields of study are welcomed. The conference is scheduled to allow international delegates to appear before scholarly audiences in Cape Town and Johannesburg . In addition to the international delegation,the co-sponsoring universities and their academic partner are expected to have a core group in each city participate via research presentations.

The confer

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EVENT Apr 26
Abstract days left 33

Call for Chapters: Teaching Humanities With Cultural Responsiveness at HBCUs and HSIs

Call for Chapters: Teaching Humanities With Cultural Responsiveness at HBCUs and HSIs | IGI Global 

Deadline for Chapter Proposals: April 26, 2023

How have humanities faculty contributed to the growth and achievement of Black and brown students, demographics of college learners who have typically been labeled as being “at risk or “falling in the achievement gap or “just not college ready? Humanities

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EVENT Aug 30
Abstract days left 18

Encountering (im)materiality and community through sound, voice and music

In 2022, our working group wondered together about the models and experiences of subjectivities and intersubjectivities made possible by online and digital performances of sound, voice and music. In 2023, we build on these explorations and turn our attention to how sound, voice and music offer modes of encounter to and from regions, bodies, communities, materialities, and spaces.

Isabel Nogueira and Linda O’Keeffe evoke the body as ‘a site for dissonance and resonance&rsqu

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EVENT Apr 25
Abstract days left 32

CFP Humanities Bulletin 6.1, UK, May 2023

Humanities Bulletin Journal - Call for papers
Submission Deadline: April 25, 2023
Vol. 6, No. 1 - May, 2023

ISSN 2517-4266

Humanities Bulletin is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed Journal which features original studies and reviews in the various branches of Humanities, including History, Literature, Philosophy, Arts.
This journal is not allied with any specific school of thinking or cultural tradition; instead, it encourages dialogue between ideas a

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EVENT Oct 26
Abstract days left 68

PAMLA 2023 Panel: Bodies of the Future

This panel aims to explore the role of futuristic bodies as spaces for addressing contemporary issues such as gender and race equity, climate change, and income inequality. Science fiction and speculative fiction confront us with the uncanny, asking us to question the boundaries between our reality and fictional-yet-possible futures. Centering the body, often porous and precarious, in these texts positions us to imagine the future of humanity, and encourages us to think critically about persp

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EVENT Apr 22
Abstract days left 29

Volume 1, Issue 2 - Crossings: Swarthmore Undergraduate Feminist Research Journal

Crossings is an open-access, peer reviewed publication that is inspired by M. Jacqui Alexander’s Pedagogies of Crossings, which takes as its basis the concept of the Middle Passage, the Crossing, to understand Black transnational feminism’s erosion of boundaries—disciplinary conventions, respectability politics, national borders, and bodies that are gendered, sexualized, and racialized, among others kinds of categories—in relation to empire

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EVENT Nov 03
Abstract days left 27

American Literature 1870-Present

The permanent section on American Literature 1870-Present invites proposals for its in-person panel at the 2023 meeting of the Midwestern Modern Language Association conference (https://www.luc.edu/mmla/convention/).

All proposals are welcome, particulary those that gesture toward the conference theme of democracy.

For consideration, please send an abstract of no more than 250 words and a brief bio to: najung@wisc.edu by April 20th, 2023.


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EVENT Oct 25
Abstract days left 98

CFP: Call for Conference Papers

Retro-futuristic Visions: Looking Back to Look Forward. The 2nd International Academic Conference of UP Education (Australia and New Zealand)

Event Dates: 25 — 27 October 2023, Wellington, New Zealand

Abstract Submission Deadline: 30 June 2023

UP Education brings together a group of accredited affiliated tertiary colleges across Australasia. This event, the 2nd international academic conference of UP Education, to be held on 25 — 27 October 2023, at the Wel

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EVENT Nov 22
Abstract days left 0

Utopian and Sacred Architecture Studies (USAS) - 3rd Edition

The 3rd edition of the “Utopian and Sacred Architecture Studies (USAS) conference enables academic discourse regarding sacred historical monuments and their effects on societies and cities. Utopian monuments are extensively deliberated upon, concerning their origin, architectural styles, inspirational effects, and artistic expressions. Furthermore, USAS covers sustainable practice implementation techniques for utopian monuments, seeking to shed the spotlight o

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EVENT Mar 25
Abstract days left 1

MLA 2024 panel: Speculative Fiction and Work: Histories, Futures and Resilience [DEADLINE EXTENDED]

Please send in your abstracts for a special panel proposed by me for MLA 2024:


"Speculative Fiction and Work: Histories, Futures and Resilience"


This panel examines speculative/sci-fi re-imaginings of the exploitation of laboring, vulnerable bodies to serve an extractive society and their resistances. How to envision a socially just future shaped for and by precarious labor?

Please submit 250-word abstracts by 25 March, 2023 to schanda32@g

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EVENT Aug 31
Abstract days left 38

Call for Chapters: The Politics of New Resource Discoveries in Africa

I'm seeking chapters for an edited book entitled "The Politics of New Resource Discoveries in the "Post-Resource Curse" Era". This compendium of writings is intended to shed light on how African states are responding to new resource discoveries in an era where the effects brought upon by the “resource curse are widely understood. My wish is to incorporate chapters written on various African countries to establish a volume on how African governments are addressing the resourc

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EVENT Oct 14
Abstract days left 22

2023 IEEE Symposium on Computers & Informatics (ISCI 2023)

Call for Papers and Reviewers: 2023 IEEE Symposium on Computers & Informatics (ISCI 2023) — HYBRID CONFERENCE

14-15 October 2023, Shah Alam, Malaysia


Dear Valued Participants,

ISCI 2023 invites paper submissions from diverse participants, including researchers, academicians, engineers, and scientists from universities, industries, government agencies, research institutions, and corporations. Submissions are welcome that address solutions to pro

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