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National Workshop on Matrix Analysis and Game Theory (MAGT 2018)

Karnataka, India
Organization: MAHE, Manipal
Categories: Science
Event Date: 2018-12-10 to 2018-12-21 Abstract Due: 2018-11-15

Contents of the workshop include lectures and tutorials on nonnegative matrices and their applications in Game theory and Graphs, Game theory and Linear Complementarity Problem (LCP). Topics covered under matrix analysis are Positive Semidefinite matrices, Matrix functions, Nonnegative matrices, Perron theorems, Cones, Generalization of Nonnegative Matrices such as ????, ????0-matrices, ????-matrix, ????-matrix, Positive subdefinite matrix, ????0-matrix and its subclasses, Copositive, Copositive plus, Copositive star matrix, Eaves and Garcia class of matrices etc. with applications in Game theory and Graphs. The LCP starts with introduction, Complementary cone, existence and multiplicity of solutions to LCP, Matrix class useful in complementarity and Game theory, various generalizations of LCP, application of LCP in Game theory. Topics under game theory start from Introduction, LPP, Bimax games, Lemke’s algorithm, Generalization of Lemke’s Algorithm.
Participants attending all the sessions and on having completion of assignments in the tutorial will earn a certificate of completion of a course on Matrix Analysis and Game Theory with 3 credits.



Dr Manjunatha Prasad Karantha