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_U.S. Catholic Historian_: Catholics and Non-Christians

Organization: U.S. Catholic Historian
Categories: American, African-American, Colonial, Revolution & Early National, Transcendentalists, 1865-1914, 20th & 21st Century
Event Date: 2020-02-01 Abstract Due: 2019-12-01

U.S. Catholic Historian Future Issue:  Catholics and Non-Christians

For more than thirty-five years the U.S. Catholic Historian has published theme-based issues relevant to the history of American Catholicism.  An upcoming issue will address the theme of Catholics and non-Christians. Contributions could include, but are not limited to, historical studies of the following:

·         U.S. Catholics’ engagement with religious traditions including Islam, Judaism, Atheism/Communism, Native American religions, etc.

·         Missionary efforts among non-Christians in the U.S.

·         U.S. Catholic theological engagement with non-Christian thinkers

·         Dialogues between Catholics and non-Christian groups

·         Catholic participation in the World’s Parliament of Religions (1893) and similar meetings

·         Ethnic succession that has placed Catholics and non-Christians in geographic proximity to one another

Scholars considering a submission are asked to contact the editor, Fr. David Endres at DEndres@mtsm.org before preparing a contribution. Approximate length is 7,000-10,000 words. We ask for submissions by February 1, 2020 and look forward to hearing from potential contributors.

Fr. David Endres

Editor, U.S. Catholic Historian



Fr. David Endres