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Call for Book Chapters: Sociological Perspectives on Educating Children in Contemporary Society

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Categories: Comparative, Pedagogy
Event Date: 2019-04-15 to 2019-04-15 Abstract Due: 2019-04-15

This book aims at filling a gap in the relevant literature in which the uniqueness of child education in contemporary society is underexplored. However, child education has been shifted towards a new style which is coherent with the necessities in contemporary society. Children should be outfitted for the industrial and even for post-industrial modes of production. Unlike children in traditional society, the children of post-industrial society have to achieve their status by their own efforts put from early periods of their life courses. They are also supposed to be equipped by various qualities, both in terms of formal and informal education, extracurricular and leisure activities are also seen as important as other activities carried out within the scope of formal education. 
Moreover, contemporary children are born in a brand-new world where they almost inherently know how to use the devices of information technology. Via these devices, they encounter with ideas, languages and ways of doing things different than the ones they immediately experience in their social frames. These differences come out as a result of global society. Consequently, even the children themselves demand the new one, even in terms of the way how they are educated.



Belgin Arslan-Cansever