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Call for Book Chapters: Learner and User Experience Research for the Field of Learning Technologies

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Event Date: 2019-05-06 Abstract Due: 2019-05-06

Call for Book Chapters

Learner and User Experience Research: An Introduction for the Field of Learning Design & Technology

Matthew Schmidt, U of Cincinnati, matthew.schmidt@uc.edu
Andrew Tawfik, U of Memphis, aatawfik@gmail.com
Yvonne Earnshaw, UX Researcher with Intel, IBM, Cisco et al., yvonne.earnshaw@gmail.com
Isa Jahnke, U of Missouri, jahnkei@missouri.edu

***Main topic
Humans’ responses to experiences are central to the learning process. User and learner experience design (UX and LX, respectively) focuses on designing learning in a human-centered manner so as to provide learners with experiences that intentionally propel them towards learning goals.

We aim to solicit multiple, diverse perspectives that consider theoretical and practical issues of UX and LX across disciplines (e.g., higher education, industry, K-12, workplace learning, informal learning, medical, etc.), interfaces (e.g., 2D, 3D, haptic), methods (e.g., usability, user testing, think-aloud, quantitative data analysis), and platforms (e.g., mobile, desktop, wearables, VR/AR).

***Open Access Textbook 
The vision of this edited open access book is to create an introductory resource for a variety of audiences–from students who are beginning their program of study to faculty who teach in HCI, usability, and related programs– focusing specifically on the theory and practice of UX and LX in the field of learning design and technology (LDT).  

***Due dates / Submission
Please upload your 2-page prospectus due May, 6th, 2019
 https://goo.gl/forms/40JW24sQcRiQo2In2   along with the list of collaborating authors for that chapter.
The full chapter is due end of July 2019.

***Details and further information
A full description can be found here


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Prof. Dr. Isa Jahnke
Director of the Information Experience Lab - IE Lab
Associate Professor, School of Information Science and Learning Technologies - SISLT, iSchool
University of Missouri-Columbia 
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Isa Jahnke