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Conceptualizing Leadership Experience For Academic Directions (LEAD) Programs for Student Success : Call for Chapters (Geri Salinitri)

Organization: IGI Global Network Disseminator of Knowledge
Event: Geri Salinitri
Categories: Pedagogy
Event Date: 2019-07-30 Abstract Due: 2019-04-25

Leadership Experience For Academic Directions (LEAD) is a program that was developed as a service learning program for teacher candidates in preparation for the teaching career. As our youth populations continue to diversify and as the issues impacting youth continue to surface, it is our responsibility as educators, administrators, and government to provide all the opportunities for youth to succeed academically, socially and personally. Teachers are instrumental in making this happen. Therefore, as teacher educators and administrators, it is imperative that our teachers come into the profession with the cognitive and non-cognitive skills to motivate youth to succeed.

This book will explore the many facets of the teaching profession as it relates to working with in-risk youth and helping them reach their full potential. It is structured on the theoretical framework of Human and Social Capital, Social Learning Theories, Theories of risk and resilience and leadership theories. This book is intended to provide the groundwork for programs that will succeed at the K-12 education level and at the teacher education level.

The audience that will gain the most benefit are future teacher candidates, teacher educators, school administrators and policy makers.



Geri Salinitri