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Call for Papers-Political and Electoral Reform/Social Movements and Political Parties

Organization: National Office of Electoral Processes
Categories: Comparative, Anthropology/Sociology, Cultural Studies, History, Philosophy
Event Date: 2019-08-09 Abstract Due: 2019-06-06

The political dynamics and events that have taken place in Latin America during the last two decades led to different states to generate institutional reforms whose objective was to improve the exercise of their functions, but those results, however, have been dissimilar among each political context. The current Latin American social dynamic has an exceptional context to analyze, with comparative data, those reforms and the results in each country.

In the other hand, political parties had lost electoral support and legitimacy in the last decades but, a few of these organizations have found alternative strategies, such as regional leaders and social and media actors who are invited to be a part of the national parties for their support and popularity despite the possibility of a different ideology or vision. This phenomenon seems to reassure a new way to make politics and reach political relevance in national and subnational context.

This issue of Elecciones aims to produce knowledge surrounding the study of these phenomena form the discipline of political science, paying special attention to the analysis of social process and politics, all of these within the electoral field.  The following themes should be used as a guideline for the proposals:

  • Political and Electoral Reform.
  • Social Movements and Political Parties.
  • Electoral Law.
  • Electoral, Political and Social History.
  • Technological Innovation for the Electoral Process.

The papers must be focused on Political Science, Social Science, Electoral History or their relatives. We hope to receive articles in the forms of theoretical and conceptual revisions, or empirical studies on the political phenomena surrounding the political and electoral reform and social movements and political parties. About the editing specifications, you can request our guideline for authors via email.

The reception deadline is August 9th, 2019 by our e-mail <publicaciones@onpe.gob.pe>. When the selection process finishes, September 25th, our Editorial Staff will send an e-mail to the authors.

Furthermore, Elecciones has the pleasure to announce the release of a new section for book’s reviews about Political Science or topics related to it. If the author has the intention to participate, they must check our guideline and follow the instructions. The reception deadline, in this case, is August 9th, 2019.

If there are any doubts contact Miss Mariuxy Pamela Bustos (mbustos@onpe.gob.pe) or the journal’s email (publicaciones@onpe.gob.pe).

We look forward to having your valuable collaboration.



Miss. Mariuxy Pamela Bustos