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Bridging the Gap: Rhetoric and practice in security and the rule of law

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Organization: Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law
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Event Date: 2019-10-10 Abstract Due: 2019-06-14

The Annual Conference brings together the brightest minds in the security and rule of law (SRoL) community and beyond, to critically engage with the most pressing questions in the field. The conference connects SRoL stakeholders, with the objective of sparking discussions and enabling knowledge transfer beyond systemic and geographical boundaries. Through interactive exchanges in workshops, debates and discussions, the Platform aims to extract lessons and best practices that will help to shape security and rule of law policy. The content of the Annual Conference is split between sessions conceived and organized by the Secretariat and the sessions that result from this call, submitted by the Platform network.

We invite submissions for a range of session formats—from panels and workshops, to poster-presentations and debates, or any other type of session you might have in mind. This document offers guidance on what we’re looking for in terms of content, format and how to submit your proposal.

Bridging the Gap: Rhetoric and practice in security and the rule of law
Each year, the Secretariat, in consultation with the network and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, sets a theme for the Annual Conference around which the discussions and debates on the day will center. Previous themes have targeted acute issues in the SRoL field: the unanswered or ignored issues that prevail and challenge progress in security and rule of law ("Elephants in the Room"), and the inequalities that perpetuate or exacerbate instability, fragility and conflict. This year, the Secretariat has chosen to investigate a number of gaps, as well as how we can work together to bridge them.

What follows is an introduction to our understanding of the theme. We invite the network to submit proposals for sessions linked to the theme, and encourage you to push the boundaries of what we’ve proposed if you feel that there are other gaps that we should examine together. The Secretariat, with the support of the Platform’s Advisory Committee, will work together with accepted applicants to co-create sessions that meaningfully address the identified gaps, to collectively shape the day.

Rationale summary
Despite efforts of states, civil society, and citizens to work together, there are persistent gaps in the ways that we think of and work on security and the rule of law. These include systemic gaps between the broad consensus on how we should be working, and the administrative and political structures that impede us from doing so – gaps between rhetoric and practice. In 2019, the Knowledge Platform’s Annual Conference will zoom in on some of these gaps. As ever, the Secretariat looks to the wealth of knowledge and experience within its vibrant community to devise ways to have an open and honest dialogue about these gaps, in an effort to try and begin to bridge them, and together work towards a culture of the rule of law, viable justice mechanisms, secure and stable environments, and sustainable peace and development.

This year’s Annual Conference offers a forum to critically explore ways to bridge the gaps between rhetoric and practice, and capitalize on the expertise brought by the diverse audience drawn to the Annual Conference. As such, the Secretariat hopes to interrogate the way the current ecosystem is organized and framed, and to contribute to the generation of new ideas to stimulate learning, and reward taking risks and successful innovation, and to the forging of promising and equal relationships to enable progress towards sustaining peace and strengthening the rule of law.

We are seeking applicants to speak to one or more of the gaps identified in the full rationale, or identify their own gaps, accompanied by a brief rationale.



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