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INTESA2019 - INTelligent Embedded Systems Architectures and Applications Workshop (ESWEEK)

New York
Organization: Embedded Systems Week
Categories: Engineering
Event Date: 2019-10-13 to 2019-10-18 Abstract Due: 2019-07-20

The INTESA workshop aims to give an up-to-date picture of intelligent embedded systems architectures and applications with emphasis on Smart IoT and Cyber Physical Systems, including hot topics such as accelerating deep learning. The workshop covers several aspects, from the hardware related ones to embedded software and application issues, being complementary to most of the topic addressed during the ESWEEK. From the market standpoint, scientific progress in this field are considered crucial to fuel a widespread diffusion of the potential benefits offered by the Industry 4.0 perspective. The goal of the event is to create cross-fertilization of ideas between application developers and platform providers with the participation of a mix between academic and industry people. 

A non-exhaustive list of suggested topics for paper submission are the following ones. However, other submissions in line with the workshop objectives are welcome: 
* Special purpose hardware to support deep learning in embedded architectures 
* Edge computing for smart embedded systems: hardware and software aspects 
* Run-time resource management for smart IoT/Edge Computing systems 
* HW/SW codesign of Cyber Physical Systems 
* Programming models for IoT/Edge computing applications 
* Applications and case studies of intelligent embedded systems 
* Design methodologies and platforms for wearable computing 
* In-memory computing for unsupervised learning