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Call for Abstract Submissions: Socioeconomics, Diversity, and the Politics of Online Education

Organization: ISI Global
Categories: Interdisciplinary, Popular Culture, Aesthetics, Anthropology/Sociology, Classical Studies, Cultural Studies, Environmental Studies, Film, TV, & Media, Food Studies, History, Philosophy
Event Date: 2019-07-13 Abstract Due: 2019-07-13

This book’s objective is to explore online education’s optimal design and management, so that more students, especially those traditionally underserved (e.g. low income, minority, LGBTQ, immigrant, non-traditional, rural, GED-holding, first generation college students), are successful. Additionally, we are interested in its socioeconomic, diversity and political impacts, and vice versa, political and regulatory impacts on online education. These implications involve individuals, organizations, and governments, and combinations of these.

Several journals focus on STEM, higher education, and online courses/programs, but few cover a full range of topics like a curated anthology of recent articles. In addition, granular research is scarce on specific online education demographic groups (e.g., military students, dual enrollment students, minority students, rural students, students with GEDs, first-generation college students, ...), and a call for chapters specifically focusing on some of these less-studied demographic groups can accelerate research and build knowledge regarding their success factors in online degree programs. 

We want your relevant work for this collection. We hope our collection of research will help inform government and educational policies and practices regarding online education!



Colleen Farrelly