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Call for Chapters: Impacts of Online Advertising on Business Performance (Call for chapters)

Organization: IGI Global
Event: Call for chapters
Categories: Digital Humanities
Event Date: 2019-08-15 Abstract Due: 2019-08-15

The main objective of this book is to merge the theoretical background presented in the scientific research with practical experience and real-life data originating from real advertising campaigns and website traffic. Thanks to the sophisticated tracking systems offered by advertising platforms such as Facebook or Google Adwords and their connection to website analytical applications such as Google Analytics, the companies have numerous possibilities how to monitor the impact of their advertisements on their business goals. It is important to understand the advertising system and the metrics related to it. Choosing the right metrics and interpreting them correctly with regards to the marketing goals is the only way how to assess the effectiveness of online activities and optimize the settlement of online advertisements. In the proposed book we are going to comprehensibly focus on online advertising activities and their connection to business performance in online environment. We are going to cover the entire range of online communication channels including website presentation, social media, advertising platforms and e-mailing. These individual topics will be connected through available tracking tools into one synergic system and put into perspective with business goals and overall marketing communication mix of the company.



Tereza Semerádová