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2nd Conference: A Window onto Latin America: A 21st Century Resignification of the Never-ending Conquest

York, United Kingdom
Organization: University of York
Categories: Postcolonial, Hispanic & Latino, Anthropology/Sociology, History
Event Date: 2019-11-08 Abstract Due: 2019-09-13

Has the colonization of Latin-America really ended? Have we overcome the cultural and ideological of the European rule two centuries ago? What are the long-lasting consequences of the colonization and how do they manifest today?

“A Window onto Latin America: A 21st Century Resignification of the Never-ending Conquest” is an interdisciplinary conference within the Arts and Humanities, with the aim to raise a discussion about the current state of the cultural, ontological, epistemological and ideological state of Latin America.

We are inviting scholars and early-career researchers from the Arts and Humanities – but without excluding other disciplines – to participate with 15 minutes papers in this one-day conference in the University of York, England.

We want to generate an encounter between scholars from Latin America and Europe to expose and discuss our contradictions as researchers from different epistemic paradigms and backgrounds, but that study the same subject: the Latin American subcontinent. We propose a discussion around this never-ending conquest, to approach the ongoing cultural hegemony and identity struggles from a wide range of disciplines within the arts and humanities. We want to invite scholars to observe and reflect about the ontological and epistemological tensions of studying Latin America from an European perspective, either as Latin American researchers formed an educated in Europe or under an European paradigm, or as Europeans studying a culturally and epistemologically different continent.

Some of the topics included (but not limited to) are:

-        Cultural Syncretism

-        Racial tensions

-        Political consequences of colonialism

-        History of colonialism in Latin America

-        Construction and contradictions of the Latin American identity

-        Western ideas in Latin America

-        Western religions in Latin America

-        Methodological and epistemological concerns in Latin American studies

-        Material culture and materiality

-        Anthropological and archeological approaches to pre-Columbian cultures

-        Global south and world peripheries

-        Etc.

Applications must consist of a 250 words abstract and a short bio, stating nationality and the represented institution. They must be sent to the email conferenciaventana2019@gmail.com before the deadline scheduled for the 13th of September.

More information can be found in our website: https://sites.google.com/york.ac.uk/windowontolatinamerica2/

Any questions should be sent to the contact tgps500@york.ac.uk or magc500@york.ac.uk



Tobias Palma