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2020 ICBASS @ Osaka: Energy and Sustainability (Conference)

Osaka, Japan
Organization: ARA
Event: Conference
Categories: Environmental Studies, Miscellaneous
Event Date: 2020-03-24 to 2020-03-26 Abstract Due: 2019-12-05

The world is in the midst of a disturbance of a growing, consuming population, and environmental degradation, which resulted in many environmental concerns such as global climate change and ozone layer depletion. These are all major challenges and ones of the greatest issues facing humanity nowadays.

Energy is essential to the society and it has made a considerable impact on the environment as a consequence of excessive fossil fuel dependency and the constantly growing demand for energy. These problems have now become the subject of international focus and regulation, as all countries have fallen victim to, such as, the greenhouse effect. Therefore, this multidisciplinary international conference is being organized to understand, exchange and disseminate the ideas relating to energy and environment with the aim of promoting sustainability.

2020 International Conference on Business and Social Science takes great pleasure in welcoming you to Osaka, Japan under the theme "Energy and Sustainable Development." 2020 ICBASS looks for significant contributions to related researches in theoretical and practical aspects.

Authors are sincerely invited to submit articles related to the following areas, but are not limited to:

-Alternative Energy


-Energy Efficiency

-Energy and Environmental Policy

-Life Science, Environmental and Climate Science

-Renewable Energy and Smart Energy Systems

-Sustainable Development

-Sustainability and Social Responsibility

-Principles of Sustainable Development

-Sustainable Environmental Preservation and Management

-Sustainable Strategies for Developing Countries

-The Challenge of Sustainability










-Social Sciences



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