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Queers Who Care: Disrupting the Libertarian Impulse in Queer Theory (ACCUTE Conference 2020)

Western University - London, ON
Organization: ACCUTE
Event: ACCUTE Conference 2020
Categories: Pedagogy, Gender & Sexuality, Rhetoric & Composition, Women's Studies
Event Date: 2020-05-30 to 2020-06-05 Abstract Due: 2019-11-15

The canon of queer theory is decidedly suspicious of imposed morality. From the charmed circle of sexual relations to the deconstruction of normativity, much of the ethical impulse of early queer theory is towards a libertarian sense of self-sovereignty. We dress, we live, we fuck with defiance towards any attempt to impose morality, so the canon says. Yet queer theory’s fascination with self-determinism has created a rift between irreverent academic ideas of queerness and more community-driven queer projects that center healing, advocacy, interconnection, and liberation. What place is there in queer theory for these projects that don’t hold to the traditional libertarian impulse?

This panel invites papers that bridge the divide between queer theory’s suspicion of prescriptive morality and queer subjects’ work to establish communities whose members live in right relationship with one another.

Topics of interest for this panel may include but are not limited to:

Consent in queer spaces
Queer activist praxis
Teacher-student relationships
Queer healthcare, alternative care networks
Historical examples of queer care communities
The role of race in queer morality

Please submit by 15 November 2019 through the ACCUTE Proposal Submission Form (https://accute.ca/accute-conference/proposal-submission-form/).



Nick Marsellas