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Call for Chapters: Overcoming Barriers for Women of Color in STEM Fields

Categories: Women's Studies, Science
Event Date: 2019-11-08 Abstract Due: 2019-11-08

This text seeks to address the formidable barriers faced and overcome by women of color in STEM, as well as how the navigation of the STEM landscape impacts their lives. This text is relevant because despite a plethora of initiatives, policies, and procedures to increase their representation in STEM, women of color remain underrepresented. Their stories are overlooked, their voices silenced, and their transformations while navigating the landscape are rarely acknowledged or celebrated. Through a reflective lens, the narrative of these difficulties will be unpacked, exposed, and examined. The text will also identify strategies used to overcome the barriers in STEM and how both the professional and personal lives of these women were changed in the process. Lastly, the text will connect the process to the Butterfly effect, a metamorphosis that brings about a dramatic change in character and perspective of those who go through it. For women of color in STEM, the butterfly effect is about rebirth, evolution, and renewal. The Butterfly Effect sheds light on the courage of these women to take leaps, make change, and celebrate process. The book will be an edited text of interviews, essays, and anecdotes from contributing authors spanning various institutions and organizations around the country.



Pamela Leggett-Robinson