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Digital educational resources. H2D Revista de Humanidades Digitais

Categories: Digital Humanities, Lingustics, Pedagogy
Event Date: 2020-01-31 Abstract Due: 2020-01-31

The audiovisual medium has become an essential element of our life and of our learning, favouring the observation of reality, facilitating comprehension and analysis and providing motivation and attractiveness; it introduces multiple languages and literacies, improves the efficiency of teaching activities, enhances media skills and creativity, stimulates the use of shared resource banks and, beyond that, establishes a system of artistic expression, allowing the introduction of aesthetic and creative evaluation criteria.

Based on various audiovisual platforms, Transmedia projects arise, investing in education beyond classes and institutions, and Gamification, with the use of techniques, elements and dynamics of games in non-recreational activities to increase motivation, solve problems or improve learning.

This volume of the Revista de Humanidades Digitais (H2D) of the Centro de Estudos Humanísticos da Universidade do Minho, entitled Recursos educativos digitais (Digital educational resources), addresses the works presented in the first two axes of the 4th International TechLING Congress: Languages, Linguistics and Technology, held at the Universidade da Coruña, and other works that, not having been presented in this congress, reflect different approaches to learning, the role of technologies in languages and the use of gamification, transmedia and audiovisual content, especially those related to teaching.

We present a non-exhaustive list of relevant topics for publication in this volume:

- Digital Educational Resources

- Hybrid Education

- Flipped Classroom

- Interactive Learning

- Data-based Education

- Podcasts, Transmedia and Storytelling

- Serious Games for Education

- Gamification in Education

- Interactive Learning Based on Simulations and Games

- Audiovisual Content Applied to Teaching


Deadline for submission of articles: 31 January 2020

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Submission form: https://revistas.uminho.pt/index.php/h2d/login



Mª Luz Castro Pena

Nereida Rodriguez-Fernandez

Iria Santos López



Nereida Rodriguez