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Move from Diversity to Inclusion

Online Event
Organization: NetZealous DBA as TrainHR
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Event Date: 2019-12-06 to 2019-12-06 Abstract Due: 2019-12-06

Overview:The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education estimates that by 2020 the minority representation in the workplace will be 37%. Today, millennials make up 53.6% of the workforce and more than 44% of millennials classify themselves as "other" than white.

Diversity is identified. Now the work of inclusion begins. Are you prepared? Inclusion means diverse others are part of the meaningful workflow that makes the company strong in the marketplace.

Managers will make the employees feel psychologically safe to surface the truth, include them in decision-making, and seek their input when setting goals and objectives.

Utilizing worker's thought processes, life experiences, personalities,and innate gifts of character are part of inclusion and thus retention.

Attend this webinar, implement the techniques and you'll experience:Less absenteeism
Greater loyalty among team members and staff
A larger pool of talent for solving daily challenges
The natural retention of valued people
Fewer stress-related conditions that destroy productivity

Why should you Attend:Diversity, and not only of the standard diverse characteristics such as race, ethnic group, and gender, is a driving force for intelligent growth in your organization. It is important to hire people with diverse personalities, educations, life experience, and thinking styles to ensure collaboration, avoid group think, and increase creativity.

After they are on the payroll, the next step is to include them in conversation, problem solving and decision making. If you don't you are negating your hiring efforts.

The principle of inclusion assists you in retaining your best and brightest employees. It cuts attrition in a tight labor market. For these economic reasons, sign up for this webinar and learn the intricacies of inclusion so you do it right.

Areas Covered in the Session:This program will upskill your management mindsets to inclusive mental and emotional approaches by learning how to:See inclusion as a mosaic of new possibilities
Look beyond diverse characteristics and search for innate talents and character gifts
Respect a plethora of education and life experiences
Overcome unconscious bias
Replace a scarcity mentality with an abundance mentality

You will learn how to:Define diversity and inclusion in your own mind
Permit individuals to surface the truth
Use the power of gratitude and recognition
Identify personality strengths
Use facilitation techniques to ensure all opinions are heard
Approach issues when errors are made
Use emotionally intelligent social skills
Express empathy
Recognize and be willing to change your assumptions
Be culturally Intelligent
Refrain from judging others by your own cultural standards
Validate the unique attributes each individual brings to the organization

With inclusive efforts, you'll increase productivity and discretionary effort.

Who Will Benefit:Vice Presidents
Managers and employees in:
Finance & Accounting
Team Leads and team members
Project Managers and project team members
CEOs, CFOs, CXO, etc.
Instructor: Karla Brandau is a thought leader in management and team building techniques. She trains managers to improve their relationship with the employees to earn their gift of discretionary effort. She specializes in personalities, communication skills, leadership principles. She is the CEO of Workplace Power Institute and has educated mangers with her proven leadership principles in companies such as Motorola, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Panasonic, and BYD America.



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