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The Consequences of Actors Being High Self-Monitors

Categories: Literary Theory, Drama, Anthropology/Sociology, Film, TV, & Media, Miscellaneous
Event Date: 2019-12-02 Abstract Due: 2019-12-02

It has been proven that actors tend to be high self-monitors. High self-monitors are people who change their behavior and visual presence in social situations in order to “fit in”. In the actor’s craft, it can be very beneficial for them to be high self-monitors. However, outside of their craft and in everyday life, there are many consequences to being a high self-monitor. Some consequences include, exacerbating underlying mental illnesses, not being true to themselves and/or the people around them, and inevitable relationship problems. The research gives an example of the negative effects of high self-monitoring through a short literary analysis of Neil Labute’s play Fat Pig. The Lennox and Wolfe Revised Self-Monitoring Scale is also made available in this study. The revised scale is not being used today as it is not widely known or made available. The revised scale needs to be used today since it gives more accurate results to the examiner.


Morgan Benson