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The International Journal of Museum Studies (New publication about museology)

Event: New publication about museology
Categories: Cultural Studies
Event Date: 2020-02-28 to 2020-02-28 Abstract Due: 2020-02-28


Dentro/fuori – In/out

"The International Journal of Museum studies" is born in Italy in 2020 in a moment of great theoretical vitality of Italian museology, but also of identity crisis of world museology. The birth of an Italian national museum system and the process of accreditation of museums in progress impose, beyond short-term choices, a total revision of the models of museum management sustainability, but also a rethinking of their mission and their relationship with the publics in a society in constant, even swifter change.

The magazine presents itself as a showcase of the theoretical debate in Italy in a constant comparison with the international museological reality and as an observatory of the most stimulating best practices to allow a wide-ranging debate that takes into account the local and national specificities and its interfacing with the different international realities.

The magazine is therefore proposed to the attention of scholars in all fields of museological research, from collections, to the public, to management and communication, educational programs.

We would dedicate the first issue of the magazine, whose release is scheduled for the spring of 2020, to the theme of the material, cultural and social identity of the museum.

-  What effects has the 2005 Faro Convention on museums?

-  Does not the institutional nature of the museum, its forms of material existence, its social and cultural role be transformed?

- Does it not modify the very notion of collection?

- Do not change the ways in which museums acquire, preserve and communicate their collections?

-  And finally, how can all this contribute to the sustainability of museums in the framework of a participatory management of cultural heritage?

In / out – propose to face:
-  How the management of a museum changes;

-  In which ways a museum relates with its reference communities, with citizens and publics, in the different ways in which this relationship is organised;

- What role does the community play in defining the collection, in its increase, in its conservation, documentation, communication, exposure;

- Who (and how) decides upon what part of the heritage must be permanently exposed, a rotation or be stored?

-  If the deposits are open for individual consultation or are organized to be open to the public;

-  How the museum defines its cultural landscape and what relationship it establishes with it.

Contributions must be sent to the magazine’s management by February 28, 2020.

Editorial guidelines can be downloaded from the website of the magazine.

The acceptance will be communicated by April 30, 2020, after the evaluation of the blind reviewers.