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O'Reilly Open Source Software Conference (OSCON)

Portland, OR, USA
Organization: O'Reilly Media
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Event Date: 2020-07-13 to 2020-07-16 Abstract Due: 2020-01-14

Do you have a great idea to share?
OSCON provides vendor-neutral talks that dive deep into the technology, tools, and processes to cover the pain points software developers are dealing with today. We’re looking for compelling case studies, practical technical sessions, tear-downs of both successful and failed software projects, technical and organizational best practices, and more.

We’re also looking for speakers to address some of the thorny questions that face software developers today, such as; what makes a good open source citizen? Hybrid or multicloud? What are the implications if we don’t keep data open? Who gets to say what fair and ethical AI is? What will your customer want next?

Speaking at OSCON is a great opportunity to cement your reputation as a thought leader in your field, make connections, grow your skills through teaching—and receive a free pass to attend the conference. Got a lot to share? If a 40-minute talk isn’t enough, then consider proposing a 1-day training course to dive even deeper. NOTE: If you’d like to lead a 2-day training course (6 hours of classroom time per day), please use this form to submit your proposal.

See below for a list of suggested topics, but feel free to recommend others because we always love to be surprised. The deadline for submissions is January 14, 2020, at 11:59 pm PST.

What OSCON will cover:
The program will focus on five pillars that are driving the software development industry forward today:

Open source – Innovative and emerging open source projects are the core of software development and OSCON 2020. We will explore what it means to be a good open source citizen, both in terms of individuals and enterprises, and what needs to be done to keep this community thriving.
Cloud – While still not completely open source, this essential pillar of software development allows open source to thrive through its platforms.
Data-driven – Data is the fuel for software. Developers need to know how to deal with massive amounts of it and how to use techniques to create fast, reactive, resilient applications.
AI-enhanced – Machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing are making significant changes to how we build software.
Customer-centered – Choice abounds for customers of your software be it an IDE or a subscription TV service. If you want to create successful products then you need to be in tune with your customer.

Tracks include:

  • Sustainable open source
  • Incorporating artificial intelligence
  • Emerging languages and frameworks
  • Live coding ONLY
  • Software methodologies from ideation to deployment
  • Cloud strategies and implementation
  • Infrastructure
  • Building data-intensive software
  • OSCON Business Summit – Open Source from start-ups to enterprise Case Studies
  • Security
  • What if…? Hypotheticals



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