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Ranked Set Sampling Models and Methods.

Categories: Science
Event Date: 2020-04-30 to 2020-06-30 Abstract Due: 2020-03-30

The book is intended to presnt a collection on new results in the modeling and applications of Ranked Set Sampling (RSS).

RSS is gaining in importance in both theory and practice. Having a compendium of new results is a need for statisiticians and users of sampling

The purpose of the bok is to present to the audience of the statiticians involved with modeling survey sampling research new models of RSS and illustrating practitioneers which are the potentialities of it.

The book gives a panoramic of the state of the art of RSS by presenting some known and new models. It traces the new areas of research in papers prepared by first rated statisticianswho are developing their work in the area nowdays.

The contributions illustrate how the modeling is to be developed and how they improves the efficiency of te inferences.

Target Audience
The book benefits statisiticians, social and natural science scientists, phyisicians and all the persons involved with the use of sampling theory in their research

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Carlos N. Bouza-Herrera