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The GCAS Review - Fascism and Power (This is a Call for Papers for our inaugural edition of what is to be a quarterly series. )

Organization: The GCAS Review
Event: This is a Call for Papers for our inaugural edition of what is to be a quarterly series.
Categories: Interdisciplinary, Popular Culture, Aesthetics, Anthropology/Sociology, Classical Studies, Cultural Studies, Environmental Studies, Film, TV, & Media, Food Studies, History, Philosophy
Event Date: 2020-08-16 to 2020-09-15 Abstract Due: 2020-08-16


The GCAS Review, GCAS College Dublin and the Global Center for Advanced Studies

Considering the rise in the past years of Nationalistic, Ethnocentric, and ‘Strongmen’ state leaders, there are a number of questions and dialogues about this political phenomena. Both domestic and international politics have been caught in the middle of the debate around authoritarian type leaders and their place in the world. As well, the public sphere has been shaken by political divisions. At this point, it seems necessary to understand how authoritarian, nationalistic, and ethnocentric leaders relate to each other, their opponents, and the public at large. To do this we are looking for an assortment of papers from a wide range of thinkers to contribute to this matter. 

Topics and Questions for “Fascism and Power” can pertain to:

History of Fascism
Does Fascism Exist Today?
Media and the Label of Fascist
Problems in Defining Fascism
The Psychology of Fascist and Authoritarian Leaders
Public Support of Fascism
Authoritarianism and Fascism: Is there a difference?
Class and Fascism
Race and Fascism
Political Ideologies and Fascist Tendencies
Language and Fascism
Religion and Fascism
For submissions or questions please email Anthony Clemons or Andrew P.  Keltner at editors@gcas.ie 

This will be the first issue of the peer-reviewed academic journal of The GCAS Review. We are currently applying for an ISSN number and are not an accredited university, yet. Both these matters are of the utmost importance to our institution and publication.

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We thank you for your interest and look forward to the responses.

The GCAS Review Editors, 


Anthony Clemons 


Andrew P. Keltner

GCAS Review Information:

The GCAS Review is a new journal of interdisciplinary studies and critical cultural engagement. We focus on integrating scholarship in the humanities, social and political sciences, religious studies, critical theory, and philosophy to provide insight on the most vexing questions of the world today. We synthesize specialized knowledge both in and outside academia with public intellectuals, sustainability theorists, artists, coders, hackers, and designers.

The GCAS Review is a publication of the GCAS academic community. We publish articles by double-blind submission in the Peer-Reviewed Section for original academic work, the Magazine section for general audiences, and the Book Review section for original commentary on the latest publications. We also allow submissions to be made with pseudonyms allowing all to participate without worry of reprisal for sharing their ideas.



Anthony Clemons