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Conceptualizing the Body: Identity, Intimacy, and Intervention (NeMLA 2021 Conference )

Philadelphia, PA USA
Organization: NeMLA (Northeast Modern Languages Association)
Event: NeMLA 2021 Conference
Categories: Postcolonial, Hispanic & Latino, Popular Culture, Women's Studies, World Literatures, 20th & 21st Century, Cultural Studies, African & African Diasporas, Asian & Asian Diasporas, Australian Literature, Canadian Literature, Caribbean & Caribbean Diasporas, Indian Subcontinent, Eastern European, Mediterranean, Middle East, Native American, Scandinavian, Pacific Literature
Event Date: 2021-03-11 to 2021-03-14 Abstract Due: 2020-09-30

Bodies, and representations of bodies, surround our everyday existence. Our bodies, and the bodies around us, are subject to norms that police how a body should look or behave in a given context. Glamorous and desirable bodies draw positive attention and literary and cultural representations reflect this, while deviant bodies are policed and regulated. This panel aims to explore how various bodies are represented in contemporary culture as well as analyze how these representations impact our perceptions of self and world. In a moment where the international political landscape is reliant on the policing and weaponizing of bodies, it is more important than ever before to consider how conceptions of bodies foster these divisions. While national, and international, rhetoric is dominated by the construction of barriers between people on the basis of race, nationality, gender, sexuality, and class, it also is important to consider how bodies also may inspire belonging, compassion, activism, and awareness based in a shared humanity. This panel strives to explore the following questions: How are gendered and sexualized bodies weaponized and exploited? How are deviant bodies used in the development of identity? What are some of the ways that bodies unite or divide us? How have our understandings of bodies and their relationships to each other shifted over the last year?

This panel welcomes a wide range of papers based on literature, theory, film, or other media forms. Proposals that focus on queer bodies, racialized bodies, marked bodies, migrant bodies, fetishized bodies, and bodies with disabilities are particularly encouraged. 


Paper proposals should be submitted directly on the NeMLA website here: https://cfplist.com/nemla/Home/S/18890



Catherine Evans