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Special Section on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Smart Healthcare: Challenges and Opportunities (mi)

Organization: International Journal of Performability Engineering
Event: mi
Categories: Engineering
Event Date: 2020-11-30 to 2021-03-31 Abstract Due: 2020-11-30

The goal of this Special Issue is to explore how emerging era solutions and systems in disease and healthcare applications can assist people to lead wholesome lives. In recent years, the growth of biomedical techniques brings many benefits to the protection of health. So health is a dynamic and evolving concept, influenced by changes in communities. Today, the disease prospect has shifted from infectious to chronic diseases, and the impact of nutrition, lifestyle, and environmental factors on health has become more important than ever. Healthcare computing and networking can collect and analyze full-size volumes of health-related data, leading to tremendous opportunities for the health and biomedical community. Meanwhile, these technologies have also brought new challenges and issues. In biomedical research, precision medicine is considered one of the most promising directions for healthcare development. With all these changes afoot, a better understanding of current trends in health and disease can enable appropriate planning to tackle the impending challenges facing global health care systems.

Biomedical intelligence is based on prescriptive and predictive analytics of machine learning. The healthcare computing systems include hardware, computational models, databases, and software that optimize the acquisition, transmission, processing, storage, retrieval, analysis, and interpretation of vast volumes of multi-modal health-related data. Currently, these systems have been deployed in solutions that integrate a variety of technologies, including deep learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision, Internet of Things, E-Health, bioinformatics, sensors, etc., to achieve patient-centric healthcare. The healthcare system projected that the efficiency, accuracy, predictive value, and benefits of biomedical intelligence will greatly improve in the years to come.

This Special Issue seeks research papers on current trends in health and disease, health system funding models, and novel explorations of disease pathways, including the role of nutrition, metabolism, and inflammation. We also encourage the submission of health systems and health policy-related manuscripts that focus on current health challenges and their remediation. Researchers from academic fields and industries worldwide are encouraged to submit high quality, unpublished original research articles as well as review articles in broad areas relevant to Smart Healthcare Systems.