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Chaos Conf (Chaos Conf)

Organization: Gremlin
Event: Chaos Conf
Categories: Engineering
Event Date: 2020-10-06 to 2020-10-08 Abstract Due: 2020-08-14

Chaos Conf 2020 will be held online, October 6–8. We're excited to hear your stories and advice for building practices of reliability.

Submit your session today! The CFP closes August 14.

Conference theme and tracks

Chaos Conf will focus on one aspect of practicing reliability each day of the conference.

Day one: Reliability comes with practice
Chaos Engineering allows you to practice—and master—incidents so you can easily manage the unexpected ones. Share your advice on Chaos Engineering and other practices to build reliability.

- Establishing an SRE practice in your organization
- Documenting your reliability practices with runbooks
- Achieving milestones in your reliability journey

Day two: Completing the DevOps loop
DevOps has improved the flow of software from Developers to Operations. But without feedback from Ops to Devs, DevOps is broken and often results in unreliable software. Share your experience of using Chaos Engineering to bring these two groups closer to deliver more reliable software.

- Setting SLOs and validating SLIs with Chaos
- Moving from manual Gamedays to automated Chaos
- Chaos Engineering in your CI/CD pipeline
- Uniting Devs and Ops with Chaos Engineering

Day three: A culture of reliability
The software we build reflects the engineering culture of our organizations. Share how you've built a culture of reliability that results in more reliable systems and applications.

- Strengthening teams with Gamedays
- Cultural KPIs: how to measure team reliability
- Using data to guide Chaos, prioritize work & verify wins



Jason Yee