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Guide to Cyber Security Planning

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Event Date: 2020-10-06 Abstract Due: 2020-10-06


This course provides a concise overview of US federal government guidelines for practitioners on how to create a customized cybersecurity gameplan.

While perfect security is not possible in a world where threat actors are always finding new and creative ways to exploit users and technology, the presentation reveals how to instantly improve your security posture even with limited resources and time.


Why you should Attend

Gain insight into cybersecurity fundamentals
Develop an easy-to-follow plan that identifies and manages security risks in your operation
Establish policies and controls that protect your corporate data and networks. 

Areas Covered in the Session

Privacy and data security
Scams and fraud
Network and website security
Mobile devices
Facility and operational security
Payment cards
Incident response and reporting
Security policy development

Who Will Benefit

Certified Public Accountants
Enrolled Agents
Other Accounting Professionals

Speaker Profile
Garrett Wasny, MA, CMC, CITP/FITP, is an award-winning Internet speaker, author, professional development technologist and former management consultant for Price Waterhouse. He's published three books, written hundreds of articles and columns on Internet strategy, authored 50+ NASBITE-accredited accounting courses, and delivered thousands of seminars and webinars to CPAs and accounting organizations worldwide