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Call for book chapters (Central West Publishing (CWP), Australia-Reg.)

Organization: Central West Publishing (CWP), Australia-REG.
Categories: Engineering, Miscellaneous
Event Date: 2021-02-15 Abstract Due: 2021-01-25

Respected Researcher, 

We invite you to submit your work in the form of a book chapter. 

Call for Chapters


Innovative IoT Applications, Methodologies and Measures to Protect IoT Devices from Global Hackers

To be published by Central West Publishing (CWP),  Australia

Editors: Manisha Vohra and Bhushan Patil 

https://centralwestpublishing. com/call-for-chapters/

Objective and Short Description of the Book

The objective of this book is to help people gain knowledge regarding new innovative applications of IoT and also assist them to learn methodologies of different applications. Along with it, this book also aims to bring forward various measures which can help to protect IoT devices from global hackers. Many people are curious to include IoT in different sectors like their home, work, etc. due to the enormous benefits provided by IoT but at the same time hesitate in doing so due to the security threats associated with IoT. Usage of IoT devices and integration of IoT solutions are on the rise everywhere. Be it any sector like industrial, agricultural, etc. or just simply our house, IoT devices like IoT based bulbs, IoT based door locks, etc. to IoT solutions like automatic irrigation, etc. are widely used. The enormous benefits of IoT are the driving factor in the attraction towards this technology and are also responsible for continuous substantial increase in its usage by the society. As a result, new innovative applications of IoT and their methodologies are being developed. However, there is also a downside in increase in IoT applications, the more and more people are indulging in its use, the more and more it is attracting the attention of global hackers. This book will be a major breakthrough in educating people regarding new innovative applications of IoT and as well as teach them their methodologies and most importantly also present different measures through which IoT can be made completely secure for use.

Recommended Topics for Book Chapters

The recommended topics for the book chapter are as follows but not limited to:

1) Introduction to IoT 

2) Need of IoT 

3) IoT applications and their implementation methodologies 

4) IoT applications in different sectors 

5) Innovative IoT applications and their implementation methodologies

6) Measures to protect IoT devices from global hackers 

7) Measures to protect IoT implemented methodologies from global hackers 

8) Possibilities with IoT 

9) Possible measures for protecting IoT devices and IoT applications from global hackers 

10) Safety issues in IoT and ways to overcome them

11) Future of IoT 

12) Ways to ensure total security in IoT

Important Dates

Book chapter proposal deadline: 25th January 2021
Book chapter proposal results: 28th January 2021
Book chapter submission deadline: 05th February 2021
Book chapter review results: 12th February 2021
Final camera ready chapter submission: 15th February 2021

A book chapter proposal consisting of short description of the chapter and its contents, along with the author(s) name, email id and current affiliation should be first submitted to both the editors.
All the submitted book chapters must be plagiarism free and completely original. These should not have been published anywhere else and should not be simultaneously submitted anywhere else for publication. 

For any book related queries and book chapter proposal submission, kindly mail the editor at:


Those of you who wish to submit a book chapter proposal kindly mail the editor and let the editor know. 

Thank you. 



Bhushan Patil