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Gender ‘And’: Intersectional Approaches to Writing Classrooms and Student Interaction (NeMLA)

Philadelphia/online (hybrid, presenter's choice)
Organization: NeMLA
Event: NeMLA
Categories: Pedagogy, Gender & Sexuality, Rhetoric & Composition, Women's Studies
Event Date: 2021-03-11 to 2021-03-14 Abstract Due: 2020-09-30

Undergraduate writing classrooms are often the smallest classes that students encounter early in their college careers, and many of the typical activities of writing classrooms—active class participation, seminar-style discussions, peer review, pair work, and group writing and/or revision exercises, among others—require a great deal of student-to-student interaction. Whether or not the class readings specifically foreground race, class, gender, language, or other identity-based topics, students of course bring their own identities to the classroom, and to their interactions with other students, with them. When Deborah Tannen wrote that “Teachers' Classroom Strategies Should Recognize That Men and Women Use Language Differently” (Chronicle of Higher Education, 1991), she began thinking along these lines; current pedagogies, informed by Kimberle Crenshaw, Asao Inoue, and many others, typically take a more intersectional approach, considering our students as complex individuals. How, therefore, do we (or should we) consider students’ identities and needs when grouping students, when training them to do peer review, when facilitating discussions, and when assessing class participation? What roles do multilingual students play in the writing classroom—as experts, or novices, at certain kinds of discourse? How do students’ multifaceted identifies play out before us, silently or explicitly acknowledged? How do we navigate missteps—our own, or other students’—with respect to students’ identities? This panel will consider these and other, related issues.

Papers that deal with race, implicit bias, and/or microaggressions are especially encouraged.
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Christina Michaud