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Planar Antennas: Design and applications (No)

Organization: CRC PRESS, Taylor and Francis
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Categories: Engineering
Event Date: 2020-12-30 to 2020-12-31 Abstract Due: 2020-09-30

Today’s antennas need to be small, conformal in shape, light in weight, high in performance, and easy to install. A planar antenna fulfils these requirements. A Microstrip antenna for example,  has three layers: a ground plane, a dielectric substrate and a radiating patch. A copper patch is generally placed as a top layer, with a dielectric substrate layer sandwiched at the centre, and a conducting ground plane at the bottom. The radiating patch may be shaped as a rectangle, triangle, circle, ellipse, ring and so on. Microstrip antennas have however certain limitations. To overcome bandwidth, efficiency and gain constraints, certain methods are used such as the use of fractal geometry, the insertion of a slot, a shorting pin and a thick substrate with a low dielectric constant. Fractal geometry, MIMO, Defected ground and Massive MIMO etc. are used to describe a family of composite forms that are alike in their geometric structures.

The proposed book focuses on recent advances in the field of planar antenna design and their applications in various fields of research including space communication, mobile communication, wireless communication and wearable applications.  Planar antennas are also used in medical applications including microwave imaging, medical implants, hyperthermia treatments, and wireless wellness monitoring. But, most of these applications still use bulky antenna systems which hamper their efficiency and applicability despite high application potential. The primary objective of recent antenna research is the reduction in size and complexity. Students, scholars and researchers are used to doing mathematical modelling and pattern measurements in simulated environments only. Our aim is to show academic and industry researchers as well as advanced students and lecturers in electronics, electrical and instrumentation engineering how to do measurements in the real world environments.

This book will present planar antenna design concepts, methods and techniques to enhance the performance parameters, and applications for IoTs and device-to-device communication. We will provide the latest techniques used for the design of antennas in terms of their structures, defected ground, MIMO and fractal design. This book will also address the specific steps to resolve issues in designing antennas and how to design conformal and miniaturized antenna structures for various applications.

We are planning to edit a book titled “Microstrip Antenna Design for Wireless application” with CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group.

It will be great if you can kindly contribute a chapter to the same. Looking forward to receiving an abstract or full chapter for the same.

Feel free to write to us for any queries. (praveenkmalikmeerut@gmail.com)

Prof. (Dr.) Praveen Kumar Malik

School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India


Dr. Praveen Malik