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Call for Chapters: Increasing Minority Representation in the Healthcare Industry

Organization: IGI Global
Categories: Miscellaneous
Event Date: 2020-10-17 Abstract Due: 2020-10-17

With everything going on today in the media, having the diversity of our population in healthcare is more important than ever. However, it’s not currently happening. There is not equality in healthcare when it comes to gender, race, ethnicity, and age - to name a few factors. And the disparity exists across all sects of the industry and at all levels. For example, the majority of individuals who enroll in clinical trials are white males. At the same time, although women now outnumber men in the healthcare workforce, they hold only about one-fifth of key leadership roles. There are consequences for this lack of diversity, for both healthcare professionals and patients. Some organizations are now working on tackling the problem. However, with lack of understanding and uncoordinated efforts, changes are fragmented, inconsistent, and insufficient both within organizations and across the industry. Moreover, a strategic approach for ensuring diversity appears rare. Greater diversity in healthcare has the potential to lead to more innovation, better patient outcomes, increased employee engagement and retention, and success overall. In order for this to happen, change needs to start taking place now.

The objective of this book is to bring awareness to the issue of lack of diversity in healthcare and risks associated with it, along with recommending strategies and tangible actions to mitigate the gaps. This comprehensive book will help educate healthcare professionals and provide them with potential solutions that they can adapt to their own organizations. This book will make an impact on the field by highlighting the severity of a problem that has existed for many years now yet without significant progress or change, and will guide healthcare professionals to making changes within their own areas of responsibility and expertise, leading to greater diversity and successes.



Saliha Akhtar