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BuildStuff Software Development Conference 2020

Vilnius, Lithuania
Organization: Build Stuff
Categories: Digital Humanities, Engineering
Event Date: 2020-11-11 to 2020-11-15 Abstract Due: 2020-11-11 Abstract Deadline has passed

Today's world makes tech masters who are part of our daily lives become modern rock stars. Many developers, who have started their project in the parent's garage, are billionaires now. "To make a new facebook" became the new American dream.
If you have ever imagined software engineering as something fascinating and inspiring - the time to introduce you BuildStuff conferences has come. 

Build stuff 2020 will be taking place in Vilnius, Lithuania, November 11-13. The gig's 1st three days will be dedicated to sessions and discussion.

 It will be followed by a masterclasses on  with the biggest names in IT (November 14-15).

All attendees welcome

The conference will open its doors for more than 500 guests. But this year all activities will be streamed, so do not hesitate to buy the tickets even if you cannot be there physically.

The speakers of Build Stuff 2020

The speakers will cover wide variety of topics. The organizers were able to secure some of the biggest rock stars of the IT industry in 2020. Let us talk about some of them in a great detail.

Dennie Declerq is the lead Microsoft developer and the president of DDSoft. They develop various software and hardware solutions for people with disabilities. It is much more important to ensure an access to the technology for every human being before starting something new.

Rockslana Diachuk is Big Data dev at one the most promising search data startups Captify. She also a woman rights activist, who is participating in Woman Who Code (WWC) organizations. Female representation is an important topic in the male-oriented industry.

Trond Hjorteland works at Scienta consulting. He is experienced backend developer, who is now designing sociotechnical systems. They can be applied to various media and public sectors.

Get a ticket

The conference's attendees can purchase 5 different plans. You can compare them here (https://bit.ly/3clgdKW) as well as view reports from the past events.

Join the event and remember: NEVER. STOP. ROCKING YOUR CODE!