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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: System-Level Design at Any Scale of the Internet of Things (Special Issue of MDPI Electronics Journal (SCOPUS IF 2.4))

Event: Special Issue of MDPI Electronics Journal (SCOPUS IF 2.4)
Categories: Engineering
Event Date: 2021-03-31 to 2021-03-31 Abstract Due: 2021-03-31

This special issue focuses on the advances in the field of the design of AI/ML circuits and systems, with emphasis on
methodologies, from ultra-low-power FPGAs to powerful SoCs with accelerators, architectural exploration for multi-objective performance optimization, high-level design methods at the system and circuit level, design flows assisting designers from new AI/ML method conception to hardware implementation for IoT leaf and edge QoS, exascale green computing, and deeper AI permeation
to new application domains.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

- high-level design methods for AI/ML accelerators;
- design space exploration at any scale, from the edge to the cloud;
- energy-efficient hardware implementations of AI/ML;
- optimization methods and algorithms for AI/ML hardware implementation;
- EDA tools for AI/ML implementation;
- design flows: from AI/ML conception to circuit/system;
- embedded systems for AI/ML;
- high-level design efficient hardware AI/ML implementation case studies.

Research articles, review articles, and short communications are processed as soon as they are submitted online at https://susy.mdpi.com/user/manuscripts/upload?form[journal_id]=127&form[special_issue_id]=51102
Accepted submissions are published shortly after peer-review acceptance.

Dr. Mario R. Casu
Dr. Mihai T. Lazarescu
Guest Editors



Mihai Lazarescu