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CFP: A Different “Gran Combo:” Latinx Cultural Traditions Then and Now (NeMLA)

Organization: NeMLA
Event: NeMLA
Categories: Hispanic & Latino, African & African Diasporas, Caribbean & Caribbean Diasporas
Event Date: 2021-03-11 to 2021-03-14 Abstract Due: 2020-10-19

Panel Title: A Different “Gran Combo:” Latinx Cultural Traditions Then and Now

On April 16 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Lit Bar (the Bronx’s only bookstore), in conjunction with Word Up Community Bookshop and Mil Mundos Books, hosted an online event called “El Gran Combo.” The title of the event was both a throwback to the legendary Puerto Rican salsa group El Gran Combo, as well as an important intervention. While the musical Gran Combo has had an exclusively male membership, this literary Gran Combo solely highlighted contemporary Latinx women writers.: Angie Cruz (Dominican-American), Carolina De Robertis (Uruguayan-American), Jaquira Díaz (Puerto Rican), Lilliam Rivera (Puerto Rican), Melissa Rivero (Peruvian-American), and Natalia Sylvester (Peruvian-American). Undoubtedly, this “Gran Combo” showcased the incredible growth of voices and representations that have emerged in the Latinx literary sphere. However, what conversation(s) are they entering into? Using the “Gran Combo” moniker as both common ground and a place for expansion, this panel centers on the following question: How has the field of Latinx Studies evolved in the 20th and 21st centuries? Though encouraged, submissions do not need to engage with the aforementioned authors, though they should incorporate a comparative and/or historical focus. The primary work analyzed should be a recent publication, and its analysis should place it in dialogue with more “established” Latinx literary and/or cultural trends. Papers that consider the role of editors and/or publishing houses are also welcome.

Interested panelists should submit a 250 word abstract at https://cfplist.com/nemla/Home/S/18620 by October 19, 2020. In your submission, please include the title of your presentation, as well as your institutional affiliation. 



Rebeca Hey-Colón