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Submit to the First Principles Thinking Review (volume 2, issue 1) (CfP)

Organization: Factory for Innovative Policy Solutions (FIPS)
Event: CfP
Categories: History, Philosophy, Science, Miscellaneous
Event Date: 2021-05-01 Abstract Due: 2021-04-15 Submit Abstract

tatement of Purpose: The First Principles Thinking Review is the first of its kind with respect to its scope and focus. Although first principles thinking can be traced back to ancient times, surprisingly little has been done to develop its potential as a catalyst for societal innovation and progress. It is therefore the purpose of this publication to finally change that status quo. By dedicating the pages of the Review to create an outlet for interdisciplinary research and experimentation, the Factory for Innovative Policy Solutions hopes to engage as many inquisitive minds as possible in the realization of this project.

Call for Submissions: For those readers who would like to see their ideas published in the next issue of the First Principles Thinking Review, please submit a draft article through the Factory for Innovative Policy Solutions website, where the editorial guidelines are described in greater length and detail. In the event that you would like to make a contribution but are not sure of how to get an article off the ground, our editorial team welcomes unsolicited emails with rough ideas or topic proposals. Our editors are more than happy to work with you on developing such ideas into articles that can be published and shared with those who are in a position to help implement your ideas to solve the societal challenges you care about. We hope that the articles you will find herein shall serve as a source of both inspiration for new ideas as well as the motiativation that is necessary to make those ideas a reality.



Kacper Grass