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Call for book chapters

Categories: Engineering, Miscellaneous
Event Date: 2021-04-27 Abstract Due: 2021-04-07

Call for Chapters

The New Age Robotics and Modern Computer Vision: Advances, Innovations and Applications 

Editors: Bhushan Patil, Manisha Vohra and Prakash J. 

Respected Researchers,

We invite you to submit your work as a book chapter.

Objective and Short Description of the Book

Robotics was previously considered only for limited activities and applications and was suitable only in certain kind of applications. However, the recent few years has seen the evolvment of the robotics industry which has resulted in bringing about New Age Robotics and it has shown some remarkable achievements. As compared to its predecessor version, new age robotics can be used in complex applications like assisting in healthcare sectors for carrying out surgeries, etc. In this pandemic, new age robotics is playing a vital role, it is efficiently being used in various hospitals to give medicines to patients, to provide them with food, etc. Robotics are also used in agriculture, industrial and various other areas. In times like pandemic where the situation makes it difficult to work, robotics comes across as just the need of the hour. New Age Robots can effectively work in Industrial sectors, agriculture sector and in many other sectos. Also, during non-pandemic situation, they are very useful. Computer Vision helps in understanding the visual images and videos. Computer vision is highly beneficial in healthcare sectors, in monitoring systems, in self driving vehicles, etc. There are major advances and innovations taking place in the use of robotics as well as computer vision. These need to be studied and evaluated as they can practically be game changers in different sectors which will bring about major developments. The advances in them and their innovative use in recent times as discussed above are no less than game changers which are bringing development. Having said this, it clearly shows that this book is required for the society to learn. 

The main objective of this book is to dig deep into New Age Robotics and Computer Vision as the recent innovations and advances in use of them has precisely presented that there is so much to learn about them and explore further the possibilities with them and their abilities.

Recommended Topics for Book Chapters

The recommended topics for the book chapter are as follows but not limited to:

1) Introduction to robotics 

2) Introduction to computer vision 

3) Advances in robotics 

4) Introduction to new age robotics 

5) Differences in robotics since its inception to the new age robotics 

6) Innovations in new age robotics 

7) Applications of new age robotics 

8) Special role of new age robotics during pandemics and non-pandemic time as well 

9) Unique use cases of new age robotics

10) Introduction to computer vision 

11) Advances in computer vision 

12) Comparison of computer vision prior and after advances

13) Innovations in computer vision 

14) Need of computer vision 

15) Use cases of computer vision 

16) Applications of computer vision

Important Dates

Book chapter proposal deadline: 7th April 2021

Book chapter proposal results: 9th April 2021

Book chapter submission deadline: 16th April 2021

Book chapter review results: 24th April 2021

Final camera ready chapter submission: 27th April 2021

A book chapter proposal consisting of short description of the chapter and its contents, along with the author(s) name, email id and current affiliation should be first submitted to the editors at the below provided email address.The submitted book chapters must be plagiarism free and completely original. These should not have been published anywhere else and should not be simultaneously submitted anywhere else for publication. 

If you wish to submit a book chapter proposal kindly mail the editor and let the editor know or if you have any book related queries, kindly send an email at:




Bhushan Patil