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VIII International symposium «Humanities and Social Sciences in Europe: Achievements and Perspectives»

Praha 8 - Karlín, Ly kovo nám. 508/7, PS 18600, Czech Republic
Organization: Premier Publishing s.r.o.
Categories: Science
Event Date: 2022-01-25 to 2022-01-25 Abstract Due: 2022-01-24

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Premier Publishing s.r.o. (Austria-Czech Republic) invites you to participate in the  

 VII International symposium «Humanities and Social Sciences in Europe: Achievements and Perspectives», which will be held in Berlin on January 25, 2022.  The symposium will be conducted in distance way without necessity of personal presence.

We invite postgraduate students, postdoctoral students, employees of educational institutions, without regard to the country of residence, to participation in the symposium.Articles for the symposium proceedings are accepted till January 24, 2022 inclusive. Working languages: English, German, Russian, Ukrainian.

Example of output data of an article:

Mark, Smith. Humanitarian approaches to the Periodic Law //  Proceedings of the 8th International symposium "Humanities and Social Sciences in Europe: Achievements and Perspectives". Premier Publishing s.r.o., Accent Graphics Communications LLC, Vienna. 2021. PP. 112-117.

Canadian ISBN and output data of the Austrian, USA and Canadian organizer are given to the conference proceedings. Conference proceedings and conference program (an example is here) are published on the Open Access basis, certificates of participation are sent by email. Part edition of publication is sent to libraries of the largest higher education institutions of Czech Republic and Canada.

From October 2017 DOIs are assigned to articles of conference proceedings. You can find our publishing house in the Crossref membership list with DOI prefix 10.29013 – http://www.crossref.org/06members/50go-live.html.

Term of sending of electronic certificates, electronic version of publication is up to 20 working days after the last date of reception of articles.

Sections of the symposium
Art Studies and culture Studies
Demography and ethnography
History and archeology
Legal studies
Philology and Linguistics
Political science
Regional studies and socio-economic geography
Religious Studies

Organizing Committee

Busch Petra,
 Austria, Doctor of Economics

Abdulkasimov Ali,
 Uzbekistan, Doctor of Geography

Adieva Aynura Abduzhalalovna,
 Kyrgyzstan, Doctor of Economics

Akhmedova Raziyat Abdullayevna,
 Russia, Doctor of Philology

Atayev Zagir Vagitovich,
 Russia, Ph.D. Geographical Sciences

Balabiev Kairat Rahimovich,
 Kazakhstan, Doctor of Law

Barlybaeva Saule Hatiyatovna,
 Kazakhstan, Doctor of History

Bogolib Tatiana Maksimovna,
 Ukraine, Doctor of Economics

Bolshakov Andrey Georgievich,
 Russia, Doctor of Political Sciences

Bondarenko Natalia Grigorievna,
 Russia, Doctor of Philosophy

Bulatbaeva Aygul Abdimazhitovna,
 Kazakhstan, Doctor of Education

Chiladze George Bidzinovich,
 Georgia, Doctor of Economics, Doctor of Law

Fazekas Alajos,
 Hungary, Doctor of Law

Gaydin Sergey Tihonovich,
 Russia, Doctor of History

Gurov Valeriy Nikolaevich,
 Russia, Doctor of Education

Ibragimova Liliya Ahmatyanovna,
 Russia, Doctor of Education

Ibraeva Alua Salamatovna
 Kazakhstan, Doctor of Law

Ivana Blahuna,
 Ukraine, Doctor of Economics

Ivannikov Ivan Andreevich,
 Russia, Doctor of Political Sciences, Doctor of Law

Jansarayeva Rima,
 Kazakhstan, Doctor of Law

Khurtsidze Tamila Shalvovna,
 Georgia, Doctor of Law

Konstantinova Slavka,
 Bulgaria, Doctor of History

Korzh marina Vladimirovna,
 Russia, Doctor of Economics
Lekerova Gulsim,
 Kazakhstan, Doctor of Psychology 

Lewicka Jolanta,
 Poland, Doctor of Psychology

Massaro Alessandro,
 Italy, Doctor of Philosophy

Melnichuk Marina Vladimirovna,
 Russia, Doctor of Economics

Meymanov Bakyt Kattoevich,
 Kyrgyzstan, Doctor of Economics

Moldabek Kulakhmet,
 Kazakhstan, Doctor of Education

Morozova Natalay Ivanovna,
 Russia, Doctor of Economics

Moskvin Victor Anatolevich,
 Russia, Doctor of Psychology

Navruzzoda Bakhtiyor,
 Tajikistan, Doctor of Economics

Novikov Alexei,
 Russia, Doctor of Education

Petrov Vasily Borisovich,
 Russia, Doctor of Philology

Salaev Sanatbek Komiljanovich,
 Uzbekistan, Doctor of Economics

Shadiev Rizamat Davranovich,
 Uzbekistan, Doctor of Education

Shhahutova Zarema Zorievna,
 Russia, Ph.D. of Education

Dalibor M. Elezovi?,
 Serbia, Doctor of History

Soltanova Nazilya Bagir,
 Azerbaijan, Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D. of History

Spasennikov Boris Aristarkhovich,
 Russia, Doctor of Law, Doctor of Medicine

Suleymanova Rima,
 Russia, Doctor of History

Tereschenko-Kaidan Liliya Vladimirovna,
 Ukraine, Doctor of Philosophy

Tsersvadze Mzia Giglaevna,
 Georgia, Doctor of Philology

Yashkova Tatiana Alexeevna,
 Russia, Doctor of Political Sciences

Yurova Kseniya Igorevna,
 Russia, Ph.D. of History

Zhaplova Tatiana Mikhaylovna,
 Russia, Doctor of Philology

Zolotukhina-Abolina Elena,
 Russia, Doctor of Philosophy



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