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Merde ! Excremental Poetics, Politics and Practices in French and Francophone Literatures and Visual Cultures

Virtual Conference
Organization: Texas Tech University
Categories: French
Event Date: 2021-10-08 to 2021-10-09 Abstract Due: 2021-06-15

Merde ! Excremental Poetics, Politics and Practices in French and Francophone Literatures and Visual Cultures


October 8-9, 2021


Organizers: Lucas Wood and Bruno Penteado (Texas Tech University)


Keynote speaker: Annabel Kim (Associate Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures, Harvard University)


Deadline for abstracts: June 15, 2021


Tousjours laisse aux couillons esmorche

Qui son hord cul de papier torche.

Rabelais, Gargantua


This bilingual virtual conference hosted by the French section of the Department of Classical & Modern Languages and Literatures at Texas Tech University seeks to investigate the functions and meanings of excrement and its representations, both literal and figurative, in French and Francophone literatures and visual cultures from the Middle Ages to the present. We are interested in papers that engage with any aspect of excremental poetics, politics, aesthetics, erotics, and rhetoric(s) in the French and Francophone traditions.

The non-exhaustive list below offers some lines of inquiry we would be interested in considering:

?      Excremental (re)composition

?      Copropoetics

?      Excremental rhetoric(s)

?      Excremental aesthetics and the ugly, the abject, and the fetid

?      Excrement, scatology and humor

?      Excremental potpourri and (the limits of) genre

?      Copropolitics and biopolitics

?      Politics of hygiene, propriety/propreté, and impropriety

?      Economies of excrement/coproeconomics

?      Excrement and (surplus) value

?      Excrement and the demise of value (systems)

?      Excrement and ethics

?      Excrement and sexuality/excremental sexualities

?      Queerings of excremental politics, poetics, aesthetics, and erotics

?      Excrement and cruelty

?      Excrement and gender

?      Excremental ontologies and epistemologies

?      Excremental circulation, mediation and media

?      Excrementality and embodiment

?      Excremental ecologies

?      Excrement, animals, animality and the posthuman

?      Discourses of elimination, purification, purgation

?      Expiation, the sacred, and confessional modes of excrementality


The deadline for proposals is June 15, 2021. Please email an abstract in English or in French and a short bio/CV to both lucas.wood@ttu.edu and bpentead@ttu.edu

We may wish to publish an edited volume based in part on the proceedings of this conference. Although a paper’s acceptance for the conference does not guarantee its acceptance for the prospective volume, submissions from conference participants will receive special consideration.


Bruno Penteado