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ColorShapeLinks IEEE CoG 2021 AI competition (IEEE Conference on Games 2021)

Copenhagen, Denmark (virtual conference)
Organization: Lusófona University (competition), IEEE (conference)
Event: IEEE Conference on Games 2021
Categories: Science, Engineering
Event Date: 2021-08-17 to 2021-08-20 Abstract Due: 2021-05-28

Call for participation:

  • The ColorShapeLinks Game AI competition: https://videojogoslusofona.github.io/color-shape-links-ai-competition/
  • IEEE Conference on Games 2021: https://ieee-cog.org/2021/index.html#competitions_section
  • Submission deadlines: May 28 (optional, competition papers), July 15 (mandatory, AI submissions)

ColorShapeLinks is an AI competition for the deceptively simple Simplexity board game with arbitrary dimensions. Creating a competent AI is simple, requiring only one class with one method, making ColorShapeLinks a very accessible competition for student teams, as shown in the following video tutorial:


However, Simplexity's motto for human players, "simple to learn, complex to master", could also be applied to AI implementations. The added complexity over Connect-4 means that, in Simplexity, a less observant player can lose in its turn. Together with arbitrary game dimensions and a short playing time, the challenges for the AI are multifold. The competition will run on two distinct tracks, each offering a prize money of $500 (USD) to the winner  — sponsored by the IEEE CIS Competition Subcommittee. The competition is ongoing, and standings for the base track and two test tracks are updated daily Have a go!



Nuno Fachada