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Call for Papers: Online Seminar - 10.º PROJETAR 21 - ARCHITECTURE, CITY AND LANDSCAPE: DESIGN IN CONTEXT OF CRISIS (Online Seminar)

Lisbon, Portugal
Organization: Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon
Event: Online Seminar
Categories: Environmental Studies
Event Date: 2021-11-16 to 2021-11-19 Abstract Due: 2021-06-15

Call for Papers: Online Seminar - 10.º PROJETAR 21 - ARCHITECTURE, CITY AND LANDSCAPE: DESIGN IN CONTEXT OF CRISIS Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon, 16-19 of November 2021

Planet Earth is going through a period of profound CRISIS, putting at risk its survival and, consequently, that of the Human Being. This crisis, climatic, environmental, social, economic and, today, also sanitary, if not stopped or reversed, threatens a systematic and complete destruction of natural habitats, the mass extinction of species, and the possibility of ending life in the Planet as we know it. Climate change, resulting from predatory, unbalanced and uncontrolled human actions on nature and its limited resources, which characterizes the Anthropocene, has serious consequences on the Planet, causing global warming, desertification and the melting of the poles, the consequent rise in sea level, the increase in forest and urban fires, the increase and greater severity of natural disasters, and a dramatic loss of biodiversity. These factors of unbalance, in turn, promote social and political conflicts, giving rise to migrations, pandemics and serious social, economic and human problems, with evident consequences for Architecture, the City and the Territory. THE 10.º PROJETAR 21 | LISBOA proposes a critical reflection on the widespread CRISIS in which our planet lives - climatic, environmental, social, economic, sanitary - and how the same crisis has been transforming and will continue to transform Architecture, the City, the Territory and the ways of dwelling, and seeks solutions on how we can find new paradigms for a more balanced relationship between the Human Being and his Environment, through RESEARCH, TEACHING and the PRACTICE of ARCHITECTURE and URBANISM.

The PAPERS should have between 3.000 and 4.000 WORDS, must be unpublished, original, written in PORTUGUESE, SPANISH or ENGLISH and formatted according to the template and the formatting instructions defined for the event. The selected works will be presented in communication SESSIONS and will be published with ISBN in the PROCEEDINGS (e-book) of the event and in digital media. According to the recommendations of the Scientific Committee, a selection of the best articles will be published in an INDEXED BOOK.




Ljiljana Cavic