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Hacktivity 2021

Budapest, Hungary
Organization: Hacktivity Kft.
Categories: Science, Engineering, Miscellaneous
Event Date: 2021-10-08 to 2021-10-08 Abstract Due: 2021-07-25

This year we are offering two alternatives: you can either give a presentation as usual or you can give a workshop.



This is the business as usual. We require a similar thing as in any other IT security conference CFP. We are accepting presentations from a wide spectrum of IT security topics. It is up to you to apply for a presentation which is in line with the spirit of Hacktivity. We favour presentations with a demo.

Please write your slide deck in English. Your speech can be in English (favoured) or Hungarian.

As a speaker, you can have either a 20­ minutes or a 40 ­minutes slot to present your topic.


Comprehensive workshop

We all know there is a huge difference between seeing and doing. Real knowledge grows from issuing your first command. Therefore, to help visitors start off learning we organize workshops. Comprehensive workshops are 2 hours long courses introducing basic/intermediate IT security skills. Previous years included topics like:

  • Burp Extensions
  • Malicious PDF analysis
  • Basic rootkit techniques
  • SQL injections

A comprehensive workshop should meet the following requirements:

  • participants should acquire a definite and useful piece of knowledge?
  • participants bring their own equipment you should calculate with the diversity?
  • a workshop will not have more than 25 attendees?
  • it should fit into 60 plus 60 minutes (seeing plus doing) from preparation to take­aways.
  • one workshop will be held max. 2 times during the two days



Here are some topics that we are especially interested in:

  • Vulnerabilities at unexpected territories
  • Exploit mitigations and their mitigations
  • Malware analysis inside or outside the sandbox
  • Blue Team techniques / operation
  • Big Data / Cloud / APT / any_fancy_buzzword ­ What’s the big deal? Are there any / What are the new threats?
  • Extraordinary stories of #FAIL
  • Any research which brings something brand new to the security world

These are just examples though, please feel free to submit your talk as long as it fits to the spirit of Hacktivity.


How to apply as a speaker?

Please fill out our CFP application form: https://forms.gle/99wVqH9dpLRxhDUs7

In case the Program Committee accepts your submission, we will get in touch with you to get the Speaker Agreement signed and to finalize every detail of your travel, accommodation & presentation.


Speaker benefits

In 2020 everyone learned the hard way that there is no such thing as certainty regarding personal events and traveling the world. We would be very happy to greet our speakers personally in Budapest at our on-site event, but we also would like to ask them to record their presentations prior to the conference and send them to us, so in case any problem occurs due to the pandemic, we have a plan B to provide the talks to our audience.

Based on the above-mentioned circumstances, this year we can provide a speaker’s dinner on the evening before #Hacktivity2021 and a sightseeing tour the day after the conference for speakers who are traveling to Budapest for #Hacktivity2021 conference. Also, we can provide assistance to speakers in finding proper accommodation.



Daniel Kloo