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Digitalization and the Impacts of COVID-19 on the Aviation Industry

Organization: IGI Global
Categories: Cultural Studies, Science, Miscellaneous
Event Date: 2021-08-11 Abstract Due: 2021-08-11

In the 21st century, which can be called as the digital age, digital technologies have become an indispensable part of our lives thanks to the speed and convenience they add to all areas of our lives. The digitalization trend has accelerated much more with the Covid-19 outbreak. Although the covid-19 pandemic that emerged in 2019 and negatively affected many aspects of life, it caused the digitalization of life and the use of communication technologies to become more widespread. In this age, many businesses take measures to adapt and do business in a world where everything from teamwork, teaching, sales, customer service and critical cloud infrastructure to security is done remotely. The aviation sector is one of the most affected sectors by the covid-19 pandemic along with the tourism sector. Covid-19 pandemic caused huge declines in passenger and freight demand. After the removal of travel restrictions applied; Aviation companies, which are trying to regain their customers with the measures they have taken, have started to focus on the use of digital technologies. In this context, his book will act to draw attention to the relationship between the aviation industry and digitalization. In our book, studies on the effects of digitalization and the covid-19 pandemic on the aviation industry will be included and the future of the aviation industry after the pandemic will be discussed.

This book will focus on the following topics: 1. The impact of the Covid 19 on aviation 2. The impact of the Covid 19 on Traditional and Low-Cost Carriers 3. Aviation Education during pandemic 4. Aviation Management during pandemic 5. Precautions and support packages during Covid-19 for aviation companies 6. Safety in aviation 7. Economic perspectives of aviation 8. Digitalization and Aviation 9. Employee and passenger motivations 10. Civil aviation and advertising strategies and/or corporate communication activities 11. The importance of communication and teamwork spirit in aviation industry 12. Use of digital technology in aviation 13. Employee motivation in aviation 14. Marketing in aviation industry 15. Aviation and social media relationship 16. Human resources in aviation 17. Use of communication technologies and new model proposals in aviation



Salim Kurnaz