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The Impacts of Artificial Intelligence

Organization: Ulaval-Unitech-REJEBECS
Categories: Digital Humanities, Graduate Conference, French, Pedagogy, Science, Miscellaneous
Event Date: 2021-08-10 to 2021-08-11 Abstract Due: 2021-07-26

CALL to participate to the reflections onthe impact of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE on EMPLOYABILITY, ENTREPRENEURSHIP in an attempt to reduce cognitive injustice

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The videos are sent no later than July 26, 2021 for those in a foreign language they will all be sent with French subtitles. at the following address: jocelyneaudreykiss@gmail.com. Please notice that we provide help only for the text translation if you provide your text in word format or text format.


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Artificial Intelligence - AI (1) stands out remarkably from other types of existing computational mechanisms, in particular, thanks to its potential to imitate some functions of the brain which gives it so-called “learning” capacities and a real-time information process. Therefore, for some, it seems to justify juxtaposing the term “revolutionary” (2) with AI, as was the case for other tools that have participated in the conservation of knowledge, since they are generally strongly associated with prospects for social development. However, the impacts of AI also impose societal upheavals, some of which suffer to be presented in a positive side (3). Certainly, the promises of AI were, like those of robotics intended to improve the human condition (4). However, AI also presents many challenges to overcome, such as the massive loss of jobs for workers (5), the difficulties for employers to choose the right AI tools in line with their needs (6), as well as employees trained in AI (7), not to mention the ethical and bias problems that AI generates in its uses during its collection or use of data (8), or even the costs of accessing this technology which are constantly changing to produce new tools at such points that we speak of ‘‘the balkanization of AI’’(9) . Therefore, this unavoidable wave of AI which was supposed to help humanity (10), appears in some ways like a tidal wave for those who won't be able to catch it (11). Indeed, the figures show that the use of AI is essential to our economy, (12) the use of AI is spreading, becoming essential to employability (13), to entrepreneurship (14), even in the short term to our daily life (15). These reflections show the importance of not leaving behind people who already have difficulty accessing knowledge, especially in terms of digital literacy (16). We therefore propose to you, here, to reflect on how we can reduce the looming technological gap and to try to envisage, in the light of the stated perspectives, the visions of these uses of AI (17) in terms of social integration, relationship and quality of life (18).



The online conference suggests, in a non-exhaustive, non-exhaustive way, a few axes and formats of interventions:


AI, employability, entrepreneurship

Accessibility of knowledge, AI and vulnerable people

Ethics, bias, ideologies, of AI

Creativity and perspectives of AI

Emerging AI projects in Haiti and Quebec: assistive technologies, bias control devices, etc.




Conference: Video lasting 20-30 minutes - oral presentation with slides asynchronously online, if language other than French, they will all be sent with French subtitles.


Demonstration: Video varying in length from 3 to 60 minutes if language other than French, they will all be sent with French subtitles.


Interview: Video lasting more than 20 minutes in question-and-answer mode in synchronous online mode if language other than French, they will all be sent with French subtitles.





Workshops: Duration 45 minutes to 60 minutes - tutorial-type presentation in synchronous mode online in French.

Round table: Duration of 120 minutes with a moderator - presentation of an online debate (contact us) in French.

Email (other than sending video): jocelyne.kiss@design.ulaval.ca



Jocelyne Kiss