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Trans and Intersex Experiences and Realities in Spanish-speaking Contexts (NeMLA Conference, March 22)

Baltimore, Maryland (USA)
Organization: NeMLA
Event: NeMLA Conference, March 22
Categories: Hispanic & Latino, Gender & Sexuality, Women's Studies
Event Date: 2022-03-10 to 2022-03-13 Abstract Due: 2021-09-23

With the heated current conversations about the proposed Gender Identity Law in Spain, the political conversation has led to hunger strikes (in favor), and demonstrations and debates over different media (both for and against). However, the inclusion of trans people in cultural products have been frequent both in Spain and Latin America for the last decades (for example., several of Almodóvar’s films, Sebastián Leilo’s Una mujer fantástica, Rigoberto Perézcano’s Carmín tropical). With so different positions about this Law by cultural critics in Spain (Duval, Missé, Preciado, Rowling) and among so many contemporary cultural products varying in format (Sara Soler’s Us, Javis’s Veneno, Roberto Fiesco’s Quebranto, etc.), this roundtable seeks to delve into the conversation through the analysis of current events and-or cultural products.

Therefore, this roundtable accepts presentations about both the already existing Laws (such as Chile’s, for example) and the new proposed ones (such as Spain’s), and these trends to include and represent non-normative (more specifically closer to trans and intersex) experiences from different perspectives. Papers about trans children’s experiences, the work of associations and activism are also encouraged. This roundtable’s goals are twofold. First, to continue the conversation around the situation and experiences of trans people in and from Spanish-speaking countries. Second, the roundtable is also intended to keep gathering material to address this in the courses we teach.

The presenters will share their work 2-3 weeks before the Conference for everybody to read and will then give a 5-minute presentation to welcome questions and answers, and debate. Abstract submission deadline is Sept 30, 2021.



Mikel Bermello Isusi