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Museum Management in the Digital Era

Organization: University of Naples Federico II
Categories: Digital Humanities, Interdisciplinary, Popular Culture, Aesthetics, Anthropology/Sociology, Classical Studies, Cultural Studies, Environmental Studies, Film, TV, & Media, Food Studies, History, Philosophy
Event Date: 2021-11-30 to 2022-01-01 Abstract Due: 2021-10-20

Digital tools are not new in museum management; nowadays, more and more activities are performed through digital instruments in order to attract visitors, enrich the cultural experience, vary the experience context, and innovate the cultural industry in a more general vein. The museum of the future is already something current and scholars offered insights on which activities can be performed and which ones already offered positive outcomes. Anyway, theoretical advances are still needed and empirical observations may favour a more complete understanding of the ongoing changes. Visitors' profiling, digitally-inspired performance and its measurement, quality drivers in a digital realm, and the so-called smart museum are some of the most relevant issues inspiring the debate.

This book will aim to combine theoretical efforts and empirical research to contribute to the debate on museum management in a digital context. Some recent theoretical proposals need to be tested in order to understand the effects of digital tools on museums offering, as well as on visitors. Moreover, extant and well-consolidated models in this domain of science may need a refresh in the perspective brought by the implementation of digital instruments. The posture of cultural organizations and their managers in the use of digital solutions are yet to be investigated in full, thus contributions are welcome to observe, track, and assess the ongoing changes.

Target Audience
The book is addressed to both scholars and practitioners, mainly museums' managers and curators. Therefore, this proposal calls for chapters consisting of either theoretical advances or empirical observations as well as a combination of them, thus stimulating further debate involving scholars and practitioners.

Recommended Topics
- Visitors profiling through digital tools
- Digital-oriented competition
- Museums digital performance
- Digital museums performance
- Digitally-based cultural offerings
- Innovative ways to measure performance
- Quality drivers of innovative offerings
- Smart museums
- Partnerships for digital museums
- Managers as museums innovators
- Managing digital innovation in museums
- Digital innovation in museums setting
- Enablers of digital innovation in museums
- Customer (Visitor) digital engagement
- Digitally-enabled co-production in museums
- Ancillary cultural services in digital settings
- Supranational institutions and their role in favouring digital initiatives
- The phygital experience of museums visitors



Francesco Bifulco, Marco Tregua