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Temes de Disseny - Caring Through Design: From Personal to Planetary Wellbeing

Organization: Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering
Categories: Digital Humanities, Popular Culture, Aesthetics, Anthropology/Sociology, Cultural Studies, Environmental Studies, Science, Miscellaneous
Event Date: 2022-01-11 Abstract Due: 2021-11-04

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Temes de Disseny is a scientific publication born from the research anxiety and vocation of Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering. Annually since 1986 the school makes the journal available for the readers. The publication addresses from an analytical perspective a great variety of subjects related to design’s connection with fields such as culture, communication, technology or economy from an analytical perspective.

The 38th issue of Temes de Disseny –Caring Through Design: From Personal to Planetary Wellbeing–, addresses the complexity of health and human wellbeing, integrating technological, environmental, medical, ethical and behavioural-anthropological perspectives. The role of design is key in creating new visions, options and solutions that make use of the latest scientific knowledge, particularly relating to energy efficiency and climate change, as well as, of course, biological efficiency. And this must all be done with the precautionary principle in mind, by which life, in all its forms, is cared for, and the provision of health and wellbeing is seen as essential to sustainable development.

This new issue will be published with open access, peer reviewed and indexed content. Temes de Disseny is a journal that locals and foreign designers can use to share their knowledge internationally. We call for papers (original journal articles, state-of-art reviews, design case studies or pictorials) to gather knowledge regarding the following generic topics:

- A proactive approach: Observation of scientific developments and their anticipation in design / The precautionary principle / Participatory design to involve people in global wellbeing / Going beyond regulations.
- An ethical vision: Considering global health when it comes to technology that enhances capabilities / Respect for personal and individual choices / The role of brands in delivering and promoting wellbeing / Neuromarketing for wellbeing.
- Designing for the body and mind: Biophilia and biomimicry / Individual perception / Somaesthetics / Soma design / Neuroarchitecture.
- A healthy environment and the exposome: The Good Place / Healthy domestic interiors / Public spaces contributing to people’s health, beyond productive aims / Quality of the indoor environment / Healthy materials / Evolution of hospitality services to consider wellbeing - in Retail; Offices; Hotels; Bars & Restaurants; and Hospitals.
- Care Territory (physical & digital networks): Systems involved in promoting global health / Spaces for healing & caring, physically, and mentally / Design communication to empower and involve people.
- Management of global health: How to implement healthy design in all policies to promote health among citizens and for the environment / Policy Advice (OMS SDGs) / Education in wellbeing (curricula and general citizenry).


Guest Editors: Anna Maria del Corral, PhD; Elisabet Silvestre, PhD; Ricardo Guasch, PhD.

Editors in Chief: Laura Clèries, PhD; Oscar Tomico, PhD.

Managing Editor: Guim Espelt.

Editorial Board: Pau Alsina, Laura Benítez, Miquel Bruns, Bani Brusadin, Tomas Diez, Delia Dumitrescu, Danae Esparza, Jéssica Fernández, Albert Fuster, Ariel Guersenzvaig, Pere Llorach-Massana, Ezio Manzini, Sonia Massari, Andrew Morrison, Viviana Narotzky, Javier Peña, Anna Petit-Boix, Valentina Rognoli, Ramon Sangüesa, Ron Wakkary.


Do you want to submit a proposal?

Authors who aim to submit their manuscript should select a generic topic of this Temes de Disseny special issue and send an extended abstract proposal (500-600 words) through this online form before November, 4th 2021.

On November, 23rd authors of the accepted proposals will be informed, and must submit their manuscript before January, 11th. The journal will be published on Summer 2021.

If you have a proposal but it doesn't fit the dates or formats proposed, please contact us at tdd@elisava.net with the details.



Guim Espelt, managing editor