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Construction in the 21st Century 12th International Conference (Construction in the 21st Century 12th International Conference (CITC-12))

Al-Zaytoona University Campus, Amman, Jordan
Organization: CITC Global
Event: Construction in the 21st Century 12th International Conference (CITC-12)
Categories: Graduate Conference, Engineering
Event Date: 2022-03-07 to 2022-03-10 Abstract Due: 2021-12-15

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The mission of the CITC (Construction In the Twenty-First Century) Conferences is to facilitate communication between multidisciplinary teams, especially those involved in engineering, management and technology. 

In this regard, interdisciplinary integration and international cooperation are encouraged. It is the purpose of CITC to provide an international forum for the discussion of topics important to developing new knowledge in construction and engineering disciplines.

Construction in the 21st Century (CITC) is an organization that executes international conferences to bring together like-minded construction management professionals.

CITC events have brought together diverse groups of academics, professionals, government agencies and students from all over the world to contribute to the future growth of the industry.

·       Papers should be limited to 8 pages, and require an English edit before final submission.

·       When submitting your full-length paper, all identifying information will be removed from your paper for the blind review process. You will be given a Paper ID to use for all future communications about your paper(s). 

·       Please use the Writing Guidelines (below) when preparing papers. A sample paper and template are also provided for your convenience.

Please write your paper on one of the following topics:

·       Leadership in Engineering & Construction

·       Building Information Modeling

·       Lean Construction Practices

·       3D Printing

·       Augmented and/or Mixed Reality

·       Legal Issues in Construction

·       Value Engineering

·       Project and Program Management

·       Quality and Productivity Improvement

·       Sustainable Design and Construction

·       Concrete Technology

·       Construction Contracts

·       Construction Safety

·       Construction Scheduling

·       Cost Analysis & Control

·       Cultural Issues in Construction

·       Design-Build Construction

·       Engineering & Construction Materials

·       Ethical Issues in Engineering and Construction

·       Information Technology and Systems

·       Infrastructure Systems and Management

·       International Construction Issue

·       Materials and Technology Research

·       ?Structural Design  



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