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Scala Love (https://www.papercall.io/scalalove2022)

Organization: Konfy
Event: https://www.papercall.io/scalalove2022
Categories: Science, Engineering
Event Date: 2022-02-18 Abstract Due: 2022-01-16

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Who speaks?
Everyone is very welcome to apply to speak at Scala Love. We are looking for people willing to share their knowledge in the company of other great developers. Scala Love is a conference for folks who simply love the Scala language, community, and ecosystem.

Scala Love takes place on February 18th, from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM Central European Time (12:00 AM Midnight to 2:00 PM Pacific Standart Time). We are going to have two tracks: one for speakers based in Europe/Asia and one for speakers based in America!

To ensure the safety and health of all our lovely community members, this conference is a remote-only conference.

Who attends?
Scala Love draws Scala enthusiasts from a wide array of roles, industries, and locales. You’ll have the opportunity to share your story with many software engineers from all over the globe.


The only requirements are a relevant topic and English language proficiency. We believe that Scala is a big tent and hope to celebrate the many facets of our work and industry. For your CFP, please share a few paragraphs about your topic and what you hope the audience will come away with.

Some ideas for talks:

- Functional programming fundamentals??

- Types

- Concurrency and parallelism

- Libraries and applications

- Distributed systems

- Big data

- Tooling

If you are not sure where to start email us at info@konfy.care