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Expanded Poetry: The Poetics and Politics of Repetition (online conference)

Organization: Institute for Comparative Literature — Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto
Categories: Postcolonial, Hispanic & Latino, Comparative, Literary Theory, Women's Studies, World Literatures, Comics & Graphic Novels, Narratology, Poetry, Aesthetics, Cultural Studies, Film, TV, & Media, African & African Diasporas, Asian & Asian Diasporas, Australian Literature, Canadian Literature, Caribbean & Caribbean Diasporas, Indian Subcontinent, Eastern European, Mediterranean, Middle East, Native American, Scandinavian, Pacific Literature, Miscellaneous
Event Date: 2022-11-23 to 2022-11-25 Abstract Due: 2022-06-15

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This conference will take as its unifying axis a reflection on the concept of repetition in the context of the present-day expanded poetics. One of the main goals of the conference will be to discuss the material and medial expressiveness of contemporary poetic practices, also outlining the cultural, social and political implications of repetition. The discussion will therefore focus not only on repetition but also on variation, thus seeking to stimulate a reflection on the dialogic relationships these notions create between them.
We welcome proposals that grapple with the expansions of artistic and media boundaries that define the post-literary practices in the 21st century. We are particularly interested in comparative media approaches, as well as in critical reflections about practices of remediation and transmediation. We strongly believe that these are the objects that more usefully flag and help us understand the concept of repetition today. While they do so, they also highlight a retrospective chronology that makes visible the long trail of repetition and variation through time.


See the FULL CFP: https://ilcml.com/en/expanded-poetry-the-poetics-and-politics-of-repetition/



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