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Challenges and Opportunities for Aviation Stakeholders in a Post-Pandemic World (CFP)

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The aviation industry has undergone a significant change in the 21st century. Technological developments accelerated the development of the aviation industry. The share of the aviation industry in the transportation industry has grown rapidly. In addition, the liberalization movements in the aviation sector increased the competitive environment in the sector, while reducing ticket prices and providing services to more people. However, the economic crises, epidemics, and war environments that followed caused a radical change in the aviation industry’s general structure and operating style. There is a need for modern research on the current situation, future expectations, and possible change scenarios in the aviation industry.

This book focuses on the contemporary studies addressing the effects of economic crises, pandemics, digitalization, and war environments on the aviation industry. In this context, the book draws attention to the aviation industry’s current situation and future expectations, focusing on its stakeholders and various industry trends. This publication offers both empirical and theoretical information focused on the current situation of aviation. The book includes research results, authoritative overview articles, high quality analysis trends, comparative studies, and analysis of particular cases in aviation.



Salim Kurnaz