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The Comeback and the Constitution of the Subject – Consecutio Rerum CFP Special Issue – n. 15, 1/2023-2024 (http://www.consecutio.org)

Organization: Consecutio Rerum
Event: http://www.consecutio.org
Categories: Anthropology/Sociology, Cultural Studies, Environmental Studies, History, Philosophy, Science
Event Date: 2023-05-30 to 2023-05-30 Abstract Due: 2023-05-30

The Comeback and the Constitution of the Subject

The issue n. 15 of “Consecutio rerum” intends to investigate the notion of subject, questioning the renewed centrality that this notion is assuming in the fields of philosophy, social sciences, psychoanalysis and biological sciences. Such a recovered centrality is the sign of a change to be ascribed, at least in part, to the exhaustion of the structuralist and post-structuralist perspectives which had celebrated the illusory character of the subject – from the Cartesian cogito to Husserl’s transcendental Ego -, dissolving it in a multilayered set of relationships and recognizing in this transindividual whole an alleged continuity of being posited as life, and of which individuality would be only an always provisional and constantly evolving fixation.

“Consecutio rerum” accepts contributions from scholars and researchers who, with a view to reformulating and re-proposing the notion of “subject”, question the relationship that in modern culture and philosophy has seen subjectivity and nature intertwine in various configurations: nature conceived either as an entity from which to abstract or to which to assign laws; or as an object of production, according to idealism, or to be limited to a moment of estrangement according to the dialectical tradition. We also accept contributions that consider not so much the polarization of a nature against a subject, but rather the “nature of the subject itself”: that is, both its vertical constitution of body and mind, animality and spirituality, drive and conscience, and its horizontal relationship of recognition and care or of disavowal and opposition with the other-of-self.

Submission, deadline and timeline
Accepted languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.
Contributions (max. 60,000 characters, notes, bibliography and spaces included), formatted according to the Journal’s Guidelines for Authors (available here), should be sent to redazione.consecutio@gmail.com no later than 30/05/2023. Articles selected by the editors will undergo double-blind peer-review, the results of which will be made known to the authors by 30/09/2023: please note that articles not deemed suitable for publication will not be included in the issue. Articles in their final version must be submitted by 15/11/2023.



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